20 October 2018 - Round 3 Summer

Section 7 L to R:Ron Schweitzer (captain), Alan Datt, Johnson Duong, Paul Koltun.

In Round 3 of BRTA summer competition, the three Maccabi home teams that stayed the course and mopped the courts, despite the wet conditions, were rewarded with wins. Perhaps the Section 9 team should have stayed too! The four Maccabi teams playing away all suffered losses.

In the period leading up to VCE and university exams, almost every Maccabi team played with an emergency.  Numbers are stretched and all members are requested to please make every effort to play and support your captain and team.  

Some highlights included:

  • A men's debut for talented junior Lachie Zuker
  • The Section 6 team remains undefeated - the only undefeated Maccabi team
  • An impressive Maccabi debut for lefthander Alan Liebowitz
  • The first Section 1 rubber won for Maccabi this season - by Geoff Rosenberger. Great efforts as well from the ever-reliable Steven Gostin and Brian Watson playing against Grade 1 opposition
  • A big 6-0 win for the Section 7 team captained by Ron Schweitzer
  • Section 8 skipper Joel Rabinov is in scintillating form and conceded his first games in singles this season
  • A strong team performance from Maccabi No 1 in Section 5
  • A return to action for captain Adam Needleman, playing his first game of the season



Section 1 Grace Park 5-7-51 def Maccabi 1-1-12

Steven Gostin 1-8

Brian Watson 2-8

Geoff Rosenberger 8-3

Gostin/Rosenberger 0-6 1-6

Just outgunned by better players except for Geoff who had a nice matchup against another emergency and was smart making him play the extra shot or moving him about. They had 3 gd1 players playing today !!
- Steven Gostin


Section 5 Mountain Gate 6-8-56 def Maccabi No 2 0-0-17

Steven Kleytman 1-8   Up against a young athletic player with a big all round game. Enough said

Jan Tenenberg 3-8       Played a solid all round young athletic player and shot to an impressive 3-1 lead . Enough said.

Adam Needleman 6-8  Played a guy and could not hit his serve back. The guy had lost only 4 games in his first 2 matches so I was satisfied.

Daniel Vertes. 0-8       Very grateful to Daniel for coming with us to FTG which must be the longest trip any emergency in Bayside competition has ever travelled !

Kleytman/Tenenberg 1-6 3-6

Needleman/Vertes 2-6 1-6

Travelled in rain until we reached the footsteps of the Dandenongs. Jan was first there and reported that the courts were underwater and play was not possible. Five minutes later we arrived and discovered 2 of their 8 courts were miraculously in good condition. It did not feel like summer comp with a cool breeze and intermittent rain during the afternoon. I am trying to focus on the weather as the opposition were very solid and beat us up. Daniel Vertes is to be thanked for agreeing to play with us at the last minute. I know he learnt a few tricks today which will hold him in good stead when he returns to his nominated team.
- Adam Needleman


Section 5 Maccabi No 1 4-5-40 def Port Melbourne 2-3-38

Saul Muscatel 0-8

Damon Flicker 8-6

Marcus Frajman 8-3

Alan Liebowitz 8-6

Muscatel/Liebowitz 0-6 4-6

Flicker/Frajman 6-1 6-2

After a delayed start due to rain, we started all four singles matches simultaneously just before 2pm.  Saul didn't have his best day but was up against a quality opponent (who beat Marcus by the scoreline two years ago).  Damon was locked in a tight tussle with their club coach.  A pause in play due to rain worked in Damon's favour as he won the last four games of the match to come back from 4-6 down.  Marcus was always in control on the way to an 8-3 win.  Our emergency player, Alan Liebowitz, displayed great shotmaking, court coverage and defensive skills to edge his opponent in a close one.  A great effort has Alan has not played much tennis in recent years and the MTC Recruiting Department have been alerted.
On to the doubles.  In the first two rounds, the team with a 3-1 lead after singles went on to lose the day so we knew the job was incomplete.  Saul and Alan started slowly, playing together for the first time.  They competed well but went down in straight sets.  Damon and Marcus were fairly comfortable, crossing well at the net and applying pressure to seal the win as rain threatened.
- Marcus Frajman


Section 6 Maccabi 5-7-60 defeated Grace Park 1-2-38

Leor Bar 8-0

Jordan Jaffe 8-3

Marty Schwarz 8-3

Lachie Zuker 4-8

Jaffe/Schwarz 6-3 7-5

Bar/Zuker 6-7 6-2 7-6

Starting off the day unsure whether we were going to play, the home courts dried surprisingly well. With the courts still slightly damp, we decided to play doubles first to minimise movement from side to side.
Playing against the number one pair, Jordan and Marty were immediately put under pressure by their opponent’s strong serves. However, they managed to put away some volleys, taking the first 6-3. After fighting hard, the rain forced a pause in the match at 4-4 in the second. Marty and Jordan were able to finish their opposition off 7-5 in the second.
Meanwhile, Leor and our new emergency, Lachie, fought hard, gaining a 4-2 lead. However, they lost in first set 6-7. Despite their opposition’s comeback, they fought hard for the second, taking it 6-2. Down to the last set and, as they had done in the previous set, gained a 5-2 lead. Their opponents fought back, forcing a tiebreaker to be played. Lachie and Leor managed to win the tiebreaker, winning their doubles 6-7 6-2 7-6.
In the singles, Leor cruised to an impressive 8-0 victory. Jordan had a slightly tougher time but, despite a few scares, managed to snare a win 8-4. Similarly, Marty managed to keep his opponent away from the net, grabbing an 8-3 victory. In his first singles match of senior tennis, Lachie fought valiantly but was unable to hold on for the win, going down 4-8.
Overall, a pleasant day of tennis after the showers cleared up. The Section 6 team remains undefeated.
- Marty Schwarz


Section 7 Maccabi 6-8-56 def Dendy Park No 2 0-0-21

Johnson Duong  8-5
Alan Datt  8-0
Ron Schweitzer 8-3
Paul Koltun  8-5
Alan and Paul 6-3, 6-1
Johnson and Ron 6-4, 6-0

In a very comprehensive victory where our greatest threat was the rain, we welcomed into the team for the first time for the season Johnson and Alan.  By mutual agreement we started with doubles with both doubles teams recording very sound victories, neither match being in danger.  The old combination of Alan and Paul quickly hit their straps, never giving their opponents a look in.  Meanwhile, Johnson and Ron combined together for the first time - it tool them a set to warm up and after that nothing would stop them, winning the second set to love.  So victory was almost secured.
Almost.  Then the rain came and for a while there it looked like the rest of the day would be a washout and we wouldn’t get the win we deserved.  The rain stopped just in time, the courts dried nicely, all four players took to the courts and were able to secure very solid wins and a 6-0 victory for the team.
- Ron Schweitzer


Section 8 Caulfield Rec 3-4-46 def Maccabi 3-4-39

Ben Pollak 1-8

Joel Rabinov 8-2

Avi Gigi 2-8

Jack Stock 8-5

Rabinov/Gigi 2-6 5-7

Pollak/Stock 6-4 7-6

Away at Caulfield Rec, we had 4 courts available.
For Ben the match started in ominous fashion with the opponent ripping two
Forehand winners off of Bens first serves. Ben lost the first 3 games and although Ben broke to get it to 3-1, the opponent kept on absolutely dominating Ben's serve. In 7 of the 9 games, it did go to deuce however Ben never felt confident at all and unfortunately went down pretty convincingly, losing 8-1.
Joel played a defensive player, who allowed Joel to get ontop (and did with a 4-0 lead). However the opponent cut out errors to get it back to 4-2. Joel regained composure to win 8-2.
Avi Gigi kindly filled in at 3 however he played a powerful opponent and was outhit 2-8.
Jack raced away to a 4-0 lead, before being challenged for 4all. Jack took his game up a level to win 8-5.
Joel and Avi held serve before not being able to win the 50:50 games and moments. Twice in the opening set they could have broken the opposition number 1 and didn't to lose the set 6-2. A change of tactic had a 2-0 lead, before a close 2nd set unfolded. Unfortunately the last rain delay of the day came at the precise wrong moment for us: up 40-15,5all and lost the two points played in the rain. Upon resumption the opposition return shouldn't have made the net, somehow it dropped over the net...the end result losing the match (and day) 5-7.
Ben and Jack started brilliantly leading 3-1 and feeling confident throughout the whole match but little lapses in concentration meant they didn’t win as convincingly as they would have liked. Having won the opening set 6-4, they had 5-3 in the 2nd but again lost concentration and got too complacent, trailing 6-5. They got it to a tiebreak and although they were down 6-2 in the breaker they fought very well, storming home to win it 8-6 as Ben and Jack channeled their inner Bryan Brothers with their celebration!
Overall: A tough loss to swallow. Feels like the one that got away- only a couple of points (and luck) away from Avi and I taking the 2nd set and winning the day... Anyway a very positive performance for both Ben and Jack in doubles that they will hope to continue next week.
- Joel Rabinov


Section 9 Maccabi drew with Mentone

Wash out



Section 2 Hawthorn 4-6-42 def Maccabi 0-0-13

Lauren Yarrow 6-2 DNF

Yael Gigi DNP

Nikki Cukierman 0-8

Anat Vernik 0-8

Yarrow/Gigi 3-6 4-6

Cukierman/Vernik 0-6 0-6

Overall we had a tough match against Hawthorn Tennis Club and unfortunately lost on this occasion even though wet weather played a part but will hopefully do better next time! 
1. Lauren Yarrow- Proved very strong for her opponent keeping her nose in front for the majority of the game! Unfortunately she was unable to finish her set due to wet weather but was a great effort score ended at 6-2!
2. Yael Gigi- Didn't play due to wet weather
3. Nikki Cukierman- Her opponent proved too strong for her and as a result lost 0-8 but good effort!
4. Anat Vernik- Her opponent also proved too strong and as a result she lost 0-8 but good effort!
1. Lauren/Yael- Had a great match which could've gone either way with great rallies but their opponents got the better of them unfortunately! Scores were 3-6 4-6 but was a great effort regardless! 
2. Nikki/Anat- Their opponents proved too strong not losing a game so as a result scores were 0-6 0-6 but otherwise good effort! 
- Lauren Yarrow


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