6 October 2018 - Round 1 Summer

The new season commenced on Saturday in beautiful sunshine, with Maccabi fielding eight teams in summer.  Four out of eight teams won.

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Round 1 Highlights:

  • For the first time, Maccabi have a men's team in Section 1 (courtesy of winning the Section 2 Premiership last year).  The guys will be challenged this year and will be led by Steven Gostin, who is himself returning from a long injury layoff.  Nick Hornstein made his Maccabi debut and performed admirably.
  • Similarly, the Maccabi women's team, have been promoted to Section 2 after winning the Section 3 Premiership last year.  They should also have a challenging season.  Lauren Yarrow has been great at leading women's tennis, together with Sara Nagar.  There was also a Maccabi debut for Nicole Cukierman
  • The evergreen Paul Kovacs, despite not picking up a racquet for 4 months, returned to the hardcourts and is an inspiration for everybody - still playing competitive tennis. The other members of Nathan Rapoport's Section 9 team are relatively inexperienced so it will be good for them to play a season of men's tennis and learn
  • The Section 6 team, captained by David Zulman, had a close win and this team has several talented players aged 23 and under as well as the ever-reliable Errol Dorfan.

  • A come-from-behind win for one of the Maccabi Section 5 teams, despite losing 3 out of 4 singles rubbers. In a rare feat, both Maccabi doubles pairs won.

  • Section 7, led by Ron Schweitzer, made a good start to their season at home with all players contributing to a team win.
  • The promoted Section 8 team, captained by Joel Rabinov, comprehensively outplayed their opposition on the clay courts at Melbourne Park


The Section 2 Maccabi women's team L to R: Roslyn Forecast, Yael Gigi, Lauren Yarrow (captain) and Nicole Cukierman.


Section 2 Grace Park 5-7-53 def Maccabi 1-2-32

Lauren Yarrow 4-8

Yael Gigi 8-4

Roslyn Forecast 2-8

Nicole Cukierman 5-8

Yarrow/Gigi 3-6 6-1 2-6

Forecast/Cukierman 1-6 1-6

Overall we had a tough match and unfortunately weren't victorious against Grace Park! Still a great effort ladies especially in a higher section! Hopefully next time we verse them it'll be a different result! :) 
- Lauren Yarrow


For the first time, Maccabi has a Section 1 team in summer. L to R: Max Needleman, Nick Hornstein, Joel Fredman and Steven Gostin (captain).


Section 1 Beaumaris 6-8-56 def Maccabi 0-0-30

Nick Hornstein 6-8

Max Needleman 4-8

Joel Fredman 6-8

Steven Gostin 4-8

Hornstein/Needleman 2-6 4-6

Fredman/Gostin 4-6 0-6

Tough day at the office!!
Nick playing his first match for the club and not having hit a ball for a little while came up against a huge serving guy and at 6/6 15/40 had a huge chance to break but just couldn’t convert his opportunities losing a tight contest 6/8 
Max played an oldie like me!!sho didn’t miss a thing and proved just a limitless bit too consistent going down 4/8 
Joel played a young guy with a heavy forehand and fought really well going down in a close one 6/8 
Steven playing for the first time in 4 months started very slowly down 1/4 but started to hit the ball much better to be down 4/6 with break points to get back on serve but didn’t take them to eventually lose 4/8 
In the doubles max/nick fought hard but lacked consistency and cohesion having not played together before 3&2
Joel /Steven raced out to a 4/1 lead but then missed volleys did double faults and numerous chances to go down 6/4 the second set was a whitewash mentally 0/6 
- Steven Gostin


Section 5 Kings Park 6-8-56 def Maccabi No 2 0-0-23

Jan Tenenberg 3-8

Darren Seymour 7-8

Daniel Henquin 2-8

Darren Armstrong 1-8

Seymour/Armstrong 1-6 4-6

Tenenberg/Henquin 4-6 1-6

Tough day against a better team. Everyone put in on a warm first day back but to no avail. We will all be better for the hit, just hope I never use Head tennis ball again it was like playing with a rock.
- Darren Seymour


Section 5 Maccabi 3-5-44 def Beaumaris 3-4-42

Saul Muscatel 6-8

Damon Flicker 3-8

Marcus Frajman 1-8

Ryan Sharp 8-2

Flicker/Sharp 6-2 2-6 6-3

Muscatel/Frajman 6-2 6-3

A team win that almost came out of nowhere. We played a strong team and overturned a 3-1 singles deficit to turn it around and eke out a narrow win, West Coast style (apologies to the Needlemans, Flickers, Jack Stock and any other Collingwood supporters).  
Saul and Damon went on first.  Saul played a big server and looked in control at times but fell short at the end.  Damon had some thoroughly entertaining rallies with both players moving each other around from side to side. Ultimately, his opponent was too good.
Marcus was completely outplayed and was disappointed that he could not make it more competitive. Fortunately, one of our Club's best recruits in recent years, Ryan Sharp, kept us in it by winning his singles rubber comfortably.
Saul and Marcus played well together, producing consistent tennis and serving well to win in straight sets. This meant that the result for the day would be decided by the first doubles rubber. Cousins Damon and Ryan S are truly a great pairing and despite a second set lapse, came back from 3-2 in the third set to win the day for us. We're flying high
- Marcus Frajman


Section 6 Maccabi 4-5-54 def Yamala 2-4-43

Leor Bar 7-8

David Zulman 8-3

Jordan Jaffe 8-2

Marty Schwarz 8-3

Bar/Zulman 1-6 5-7

Jaffe/Schwarz 4-6 7-6 6-1

It was the perfect day for tennis and our new team started off the season with a tight win. 

Leor and David kicked off the season in singles. Leor played a grueling match, which lasted more than an hour and ended up going down in a tiebreak. David faced a hard hitting opponent who was fortunately unable to maintain his high standard for 8 games. Jordan played well, hitting a number of great forehand winners and winning comfortably, while Marty had a great comeback from 1-3 down to win 7 games in a row to make it 8-3. 
For doubles, Leor and David went down early and could not recover with their opponents hitting significantly better than they were in singles. Marty and Jordan were tied one set all when their opponent forfeited, leaving us with a narrow victory overall.
- David Zulman


Section 7 made a winning start. L to R: Daniel Vertes, Paul Koltun, Ron Schweitzer and Zvi Schweitzer. To all our readers out there, don’t worry, Daniel and Paul will soon be wearing their Maccabi tops.

Section 7 Maccabi 4-6-54 def Royal South Yarra 2-3-37

Zvi Schweitzer 5-8
Ron Schweitzer 4-8
Paul Koltun 8-3
Daniel Vertes 8-3
Schweitzer/Schweitzer 5-7 6-1 6-2
Koltun/Vertes 6-3 6-2

Zvi and Paul started off the new season in fine style, Zvi racing to a 3-0 lead, and Paul playing his usual steady tennis with few mistakes, winning his set to 3.  Zvi’s opponent unfortunately started hitting his straps, and Zvi soon found himself in trouble, going down 5-8.
Daniel and Ron then took to the courts, with Ron also racing out of the blocks to take a 3-1 lead, before running out of steam and losing 4-8;  Daniel meanwhile announced his arrival to section 7 with a very solid win to 3.
So after the singles we were ahead by 3 games - not exactly a comfortable lead, but at least we were ahead.  But as usually happens in summer comp., it would all come down to the doubles.
Paul and Daniel pretty much sealed the victory for the team with a very solid doubles performance, combining like regular partners and never giving their opponents much of a look in.  Meanwhile, Zvi and Ron lost a close first set, before Ron got a second wind and was able to start hitting the ball again.  Zvi and Ron then combined like the team of old, taking the last two sets very comfortably.
So a good comfortable 4-2 win for the team. 
- Ron Schweitzer


A team selfie for Section 8 on the clay courts at Melbourne Park. L to R: Daniel Goodrich, Joel Rabinov (capt), Ben Pollak and Jordan Davis

Section 8 Maccabi 5-7-53 def Tennis World 1-1-17

Ben Pollak 4-8

Joel Rabinov 8-0

Daniel Goodrich 8-0

Jordan Davis 8-2

Rabinov/Davis 7-5 6-0

Pollak/Goodrich 6-0 6-2

Away against Tennis World on the clay of Melbourne Park (instead of playing at Albert Park's hardcourts which weren't available), the courts were quite possibly the driest clay courts ever seen! Anyway, Ben and Daniel opened proceedings. 
Bens first singles match at number 1 in pennant and he started it well at 3all. However the opponent managed to get a good lead for 6-3. Despite Ben giving it everything, he lost quite a few of the key points going down 8-4 in over an hour of play.
Daniel played well at number 3 and won 8-0.
Jordan led 3-0 before his opponent got it back to 3-2. Jordan then stepped up along with a decisive game at 5-2 to win 8-2.
Joel wanted to get a hurry along and play doubles and wasted no time in winning 8-0 (so much so that Ben and Daniel weren't ready).
Joel and Jordan were pushed in the opening set down 3-5. However they took away the oppositions strengths and put the foot down to win 7-5, 6-0.
Daniel and Ben both served well and put pressure on their opponents forcing many errors with their depth as well as hitting winners. They performed well to win 6-0, 6-2 as they managed to hit a lot of volley winners.
Overall: Great to open the season with a win (as we have done the last few seasons). Was pleasantly surprised that there wasn't more slipping over compared to usual: the courts didn't look too good. Anyway we will need to up our game as today's opposition wasn't particularly strong. Bring on next weeks home match against East Malvern.
- Joel Rabinov


Section 9 Ormond 5-7-52 def Maccabi 1-1-27

Nathan Rapoport 1-8

Joshua Duieb 3-8

Bradley Bergman 1-8

Paul Kovacs 8-2

Rapoport/Kovacs 2-6 0-6 

Duieb/Bergman 6-7 6-7

A tough initiation for some of the younger members playing adult tennis for the first time. Nathan played against a quality player. Meanwhile, Paul Kovacs, a Club stalwart and great Club person, produced the goods despite being rusty.


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