18 August 2018 - Grade Finals

The Grade 7 team after their win. L to R: David Zulman, Marcus Frajman (captain), Ryan Behr, Damon Flicker, Ryan Sharp and Geoff Rosenberger.


There is just one Maccabi team remaining in the finals after a nailbiting loss for the Grade 8 Maccabi team.  The team, captained by Ron Schweitzer, won their first final in the morning but fell agonisingly shortly in the second final, played on the same day.

There was also a close loss for our Section 2 mixed singles and doubles team, who went down 4 rubbers to 2.

But Maccabi's hopes rest solely with its Grade 7 team (Geoff Rosenberger, Damon Flicker, Marcus Frajman, Ryan Sharp, David Zulman and Ryan Behr) - they defeated West Brunswick and advanced to the semi finals.  They will face Coatesville at Home on Saturday August 25.




Grade 7 Maccabi 3-8-66 def West Brunswick 2-5-58

Damon Flicker/Ryan Sharp 5-7 6-7

Marcus Frajman/Ryan Behr 6-2 6-3

Geoff Rosenberger 6-2 6-3

Damon Flicker 2-6 7-5 2-2

Ryan Sharp 6-2 6-4

David Zulman 6-3 0-6 2-6

Into the semi finals! After a one hour rain delay, our team stood up when it mattered and we won our second final.
Damon and Ryan S started well in their match and opened up a 5-2 lead in the first set.  However, this advantage was pegged back by a strong West Brunswick doubles pair, who went on to win a tight one in straight sets.  Marcus and Ryan B played the conditions well, approaching the net at every opportunity and also won in straight sets, not giving their opponents a chance.
All four singles matches began with the final evenly poised at one rubber apiece.  Geoff, Ryan S and David won the first sets of their rubbers, which was important, while Damon was outclassed in the first set. 
David didn't have many answers as his opponent lifted, while Damon worked his way back into the match.  Ryan S has been a great recruit and performed brilliantly.  Geoff was far too good for his opponent and straight sets wins from these two sealed the win under lights.
We will play at Home against Coatesville next week in the semi final and hope to keep performing our best.  Home court advantage will certainly be important.
- Marcus Frajman


Grade 8 Maccabi 3-7-53 def Hampton Park 3-6-56 (1st final)

Leor Bar/Zvi Schweitzer  6-4 0-6 2-6
Jordan Jaffe/Marty Schwarz  2-6 3-6
Leor Bar 6-3 6-4
Jordan Jaffe  6-4 6-1
Marty Schwarz 6-2 6-2
Zvi Schweitzer 1-6 3-6.

The sectional final began Saturday August 11 against Hampton Park.  It was in limbo after rain washed out play, and the only time that it could be finished was Saturday morning.  There was one match to be completed, and the situation was clear - Jordan had won the first set in his match;  if he wins the next set Maccabi wins, if he loses the set Maccabi loses.  So no pressure.  Jordan proceeds to wipe the other player off the court, securing a very sweet 6-1 win in half an hour.
- Ron Schweitzer


Grade 8 Dendy Park 3-8-77 def Maccabi 3-8-75 (2nd final)

Jordan Jaffe/Marty Schwarz

Leor Bar/Zvi Schweitzer

Leor Bar 7-5 7-5

Jordan Jaffe 4-6 6-4 4-6

Marty Schwarz 2-6 2-6

Errol Dorfan 6-2 4-6 6-3

The team then got dudded another home final - even though our match ratio (and everything else about our scores) were better than our opponents, the association in it’s ultimate wisdom made the stupid call of giving our opponents the home game because their sectional final finished before ours.  Protests were given but to no avail - the association wouldn’t change its mind allowing the injustice to proceed.
So Maccabi set off to play Dendy Park at Dendy in the next final.  The match was in the balance until the last winner was hit - unfortunately by our opponents -resulting in us losing be a mere two - yes two - games.
A massive day of tennis, especially for Jordan who started at 9.30 needing to win the final set of the previous week’s final, then resuming at 12.30, with Jordan being the last player off the court at just before 5.00 pm.
A great team effort, just falling short, everyone gave their all, things just didn’t fall our way, no one to blame.  I think all members of the team should be congratulated on a fantastic season.  It was especially pleasing that I was able to blood two new pennant players (Jordan and Marty) who I am confident will quickly rise up the ranks and will hopefully have a long tennis future at Maccabi.
Season summary:  Briefly, all players were very solid - they have to be to finish second by only a few points.
Leor - a great season at number one, and our player of the final series, winning two very tough finals at number one plus an important doubles in the second final
Jordan - a great first season at number two, showed throughout the year what he is capable of, great stability to win the second set on the Saturday morning and then come back and play so well for us in the afternoon.
Marty - also a great season at number three, won some great matches, and together with Jordan I am confident will quickly rise up the ranks.
Errol - returning from injury and getting his form back to put in a very solid performance, only dropped the one match during the season.
Zvi - also a solid season, played especially well in the doubles, managed to turn things round yesterday in the final to secure a vital doubles rubber win to allow us to finish the doubles only one game behind.
Ron - captained especially well from a distance over the last few matches - from a great distance when in Europe for the last 3 matches, and from a bit closer during the finals campaign.
- Ron Schweitzer


Grade 8 L to R: Errol Dorfan, Ron Schweitzer, Jordan Jaffe and Marty Schwarz. Absent: Leor Bar, Zvi Schweitzer.
Previously unpublished photo - I think now is the right time for it to be seen.  I have found it in the archives, kept hidden for just an occasion like this.  It was taken after a vital win against Royal South Yarra in round 10 from their beautiful clubrooms.  This photo showcases two of our rising talents - I know some of you are thinking when I mention two of our rising talents that I mean Errol and Ron on the left, but in actual fact I am  referring to two even younger rising talents - Jordan and Marty on the right of the photo.
- Ron Schweitzer



Lauriston 4-5-44 def Maccabi 2-3-40

Johnson Duong/Mor Dahan 6-4 6-2

Lauren Yarrow/Yael Gigi 4-6 2-6

Johnson Duong 8-2

Mor Dahan 3-8

Lauren Yarrow 7-8

Yael Gigi 4-8


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