11 August 2018 - Winter Sectional Semi Finals

Three Maccabi teams were in action in the Pennant Sectional Semi Finals on Saturday.  Two BRTA teams still have 1-2 rounds to go in their season.

Rain threatened to intervene and did in fact prevent a result in one final.  One Grade 7 Maccabi team won and the other one was cruelled by injury.



Grade 7 Section 3 Maccabi 3-8-57 def Caulfield Rec 1-2-38

Damon Flicker/Ryan Sharp 6-3 6-3

Marcus Frajman/Ryan Behr 3-6 7-6 3-6

Geoff Rosenberger 6-3 7-5

Damon Flicker 1-2

Marcus Frajman 6-2

David Zulman 6-0 6-2

We went into the final full of confidence after a strong season - 11 wins from 12 rounds.  However, we weren't sure if we were going to hit a ball with the discouraging forecast.  The rain held off just long enough for us to secure the win and our place in the next round.
Cousins Damon and Ryan S partnered well and despite some testy moments, were comfortable in straight sets.  These two are probably our strongest pairing and are dangerous from the back of the court and at the net.  Marcus and Ryan B did not play to their usual standard and saved match points in the 2nd set before winning the tiebreak.  But it was not enough as they went down in a match with plenty of momentum shifts. 
Onto the singles and Geoff and David, who had been waiting on the sidelines, had strong starts and won the opening sets.  David's match wasn't the prettiest but the scoreline looks good.  Geoff beat a tricky player and remains undefeated in singles this year.  These two straight sets wins were enough to seal the win and progression into the next round.
We hope that our strong results will ensure home finals in the coming weeks and look forward to home crowd support
- Marcus Frajman 


Grade 7 Section 4 Coatesville 2-6-42 def Maccabi 1-2-35

Darren Seymour/Steven Kleytman 4-6 1-0 ( forfeit with Steven doing a hamstring )

Jan Tenenberg/Adam Needleman 7-6 6-7 7-6 ( Adam strained groin late in third set )

Jan Tenenberg 1-6 2-1

Steven Kleytman forfeit

Darren Seymour 5-3 40-15

Adam Needleman replaced by Joel Rabinov 1-6 1-1

Controversial Incident that taught me a lesson as captain and cost us a valuable rubber
When Steven did his hamstring in doubles  Jan and Adam were at the end of a tense second set coming back from 2-4 down. Both teams stupidly did not write down players on the scorecard before play. This is a must and I will not do this again in a final. Steven managed to get Joel Rabinov to come and be an emergency as he could not play because of his injury. I was asked by their captain what number Joel Rabinov would play. I wanted Darren to play as he was the only player available so knowing he was four and thinking that they had their four free I said  Joel was to play at 3. I did not register why nobody was playing their singles on the vacant court until too late. Their four was not free but was in fact on my court ! Impossible to know unless scorecard is filled in prior to match and this may have been an untruth.  Half an hour later the captain came to me and said your emergency must now forfeit as its been 1/2hr of waiting . To me that was unsporting as he should have said his 3 was free and not asked me to nominate my lineup with his order being unseen and me on court playing. Joel turned up a few minutes later. I had not realised this in the middle of my match and was not advised that Darren had to play 3 and Joel 4. I felt that although technically correct it was against the spirit of amateur sport . I maybe did not have to agree because nothing was written down but its hard to make decisions when trying to concentrate on your own match. Darren should have played 3 and Joel at 4 and we would have been fine.
A day of drama with the highlights best put into point form
  • Steven doing a hamstring when Darren and him were very much in a close doubles match
  • Jan and Adam playing for  three hours and playing three tie break sets
  • Jan and Adam down 3-6 in the third set tie break with them having two serves . We saved three match points and won a miraculous match.
  • Adam injuring his groin late in third set and having to withdraw from his singles
  • Joel dropping everything to come and help. Great club person is Joel.
  • Darren fighting hard and looked the goods with two first set points on serve when the rain came
  • They wanted us to wait 2 hours before the match was called off. One of our players could not do that so we had to forfeit that match and that meant the match. We would not have won the vital third rubber the way the matches were going anyway.
  • If Steven and Adam were not injured we would have won 3 rubbers and pushed our bogey team to the very edge. Great effort as the last three times we have played them we have only won one rubber to their 14 rubber ( one match was in summer BRTA in Feb this year ).
  • A fantastic year which we really showed we are in the top few Grade 7 teams. We actually played to our ability and stood up under pressure. Very proud of the whole team . This includes superman Daniel Henquin and the evergreen Robert Steinhardt.
- Adam Needleman


Grade 8 Section 1 Hampton Park 3-6-52 lead Maccabi 2-6-47

Jordan Jaffe/Marty Schwarz 2-6 3-6

Leor Bar/Zvi Schweitzer 6-4 0-6 2-6

Leor Bar 6-1 6-3

Jordan Jaffe 6-4

Marty Schwarz 6-2 6-2

Zvi Schweitzer 1-6 3-6



Section 2 Maccabi 0-0-0 drew with Chadstone 0-0-0



Section 5 Ormond 4-6-48 def Maccabi 0-0-12

Sam Strunin/Bradley Bergman 0-6 3-6

Anat Vernik/Alina Churilov 1-6 3-6

Strunin/Vernik 3-6 2-6

Bergman/Churilov 0-6 0-6


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