Membership Types

Membership is now due and payable for the 2019 calendar year for all junior, social and Pennant players.


The Maccabi Tennis Club offers 4 types of Memberships:

1- Student/Junior Membership*  $200 plus $100 competition = $300

2- Pennant/Adult Player Membership*  $200 plus $200 competition = $400

3- Social/ Intermittent Membership  $200

4 - Family Membership** $800

All Membership Fees include Tennis Victoria Accident Insurance Cover & Maccabi Victoria Affiliation Fees

* This Membership includes Home Court Catering & Food Costs,Ball costs

** Family Membership includes up to two adults over the age of 18 and their children under the age of 18

*** A 5% discount applies when paying membership fees for 2 or more juniors 


All Members, as a condition of membership, must agree to abiding by the Maccabi Tennis Club Code.  Click here to read the Code of Conduct.


** Want a Court Fob (available for purchase by members only)?? For Information  CLICK HERE or email

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