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Junior Grand Final Results

Posted: 15-Dec-2019 by Tennis

The Section 3 Premiers L to R: Jonny Henquin, Kevin Haskin, Anthony Duong and Gilad Nagar. Absent: Ithay Rott.

The junior tennis program at Maccabi is booming with about 17 junior teams expected next season in February 2020 and several juniors are already starting to fill in and play for the Maccabi Pennant teams, men and women.  We have teams to cater for players at every level, which not many clubs can offer.

Last Saturday, Maccabi had two teams playing in Grand Finals in the Moorabbin Districts Junior Tennis Association (MDJTA) competition.  Junior Coordinator Derek Haskin provided a report on the two Grand Finals


SECTION 3 (Gilad Nagar, Jonny Henquin, Kevin Haskin, Anthony Duong and Ithay Rott)

Maccabi 4-29 def Ormond 2-26

They were playing against Ormond who they lost to in the preliminary final 2 weeks earlier.
The boys started off well with winning both doubles 6-3 and 7-6.
In the singles the number 2 player Jonny Henquin finished first with a great win 6-1.
Second to come off was the number 3 player, Kevin Haskin losing 1-6
Third was number 5 player Anthony Duong who won 6-4
The last player still on court was Gilad Nagar who just had to win 1 game for the boys to get there. Gilad got 3 games so the boys won by 3 games.
Ithay Rott our final player in the team was away so was unable to play in the grand final.
It was a great team effort throughout the entire season.
The final result was that Maccabi defeated Ormond, 4 sets and 29 games to 2 sets and 26 games.


SECTION 13 (Elan Emler, Dean Cohenka, Riley Lipsitz, Benji Basist, Ilan Elboher and Lachlan Rosenberger)

Highmoor 4-30 def Maccabi 2-25

It was with great anticipation and excitement that our team of six Section 13 Boys came together as one team to compete in the grand final (Elan Emler, Dean Cohenka, Riley Lipsitz, Benji Basist, Ilan Elboher and Lachlan Rosenberger).  
The parents, siblings, grandparents and friends who came to see the match witnessed a great contest. Whilst our team lost at the final count, they put on a great display of tennis and sportsmanship. Well done section 13 for a great season.
The final result was that Highmoor won in a closely contested Grand Final, 4 sets and 30 games to 2 sets and 25 games.


Section 13 L to R: Lachlan Rosenberger, Benji Basist, Riley Lipsitz, Dean Cohenka, Ilan Elboher and Elan Emler
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