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Flag for Maccabi Juniors

Posted: 03-Dec-2018 by Tennis

The Section 6 Maccabi junior team of Charlie Landau, Jay LandauLachie Zuker, Nathan Needleman and Axel Dang were triumphant in a cliffhanger Grand Final. They defeated Tennis World in the decider by two games, with both teams tied at three rubbers apiece. It capped off a wonderful season for the team of talented juniors, who were on top of the ladder for most of the season but fought off stern resistance in the Semi Final and in the Grand Final to claim the Premiers flag.

Meanwhile, the section 12 Saturday morning Maccabi team of Kanta Nishimoto, Idan Elbaz, Harley Kaufman, Hayden Carew and Adam Weisz will play in their Grand Final against Dendy Park on Saturday 8 December 2018.


Section 6 Bayside Regional Tennis Association (BRTA) Sunday Morning U17 Grand Final: Maccabi 3-31 def Tennis World 3-29

Charlie Landau/Jay Landau 6-7
Lachie Zuker/Nathan Needleman 4-6
Charlie Landau 2-6
Jay Landau  6-1
Lachie Zuker 6-3
Axel Dang 7-6

History repeated itself in the Grand Final.  The  Maccabi boys  lost the first two doubles rubbers and had their backs to the wall, just as they had done in the semi-final.  Could the boys make a massive comeback and get the three ( or 4 )  necessary rubbers required in the four remaining singles matches? Both doubles pairs had serious chances to win their respective matches but were beaten by big hitting opponents.
Jay Landau steadied the ship with flawless, smart singles play getting a huge 6-1 win. Axel Dang was in a titanic struggle after being up 5-1 but tightening against an opponent he had lost to, in the two home and away matches, in tiebreakers. Charlie
Landau was beaten in a high standard singles 2-6 just as Axel commenced another tiebreak ! Things were not looking positive as Lachie Zuker started playing against a big hitting, well coached Japanese opponent. If Axel lost the side would go down. Fortunately in a brave effort it was third time lucky for Axel. This time he beat his opponent in the tiebreak. However, it was now 2 rubbers to 3 and we needed victory in the final rubber. Lachie, the standout player all year, did not let the team down winning 6-3 against a very talented opponent .
The boys had just won a grandfinal! Queen's "We are the Champions" was belted out by the five winning lads with great gusto after they received their pennant and trophies. 
- Adam Needleman


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