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Three Pennant Teams in Finals

Posted: 05-Aug-2018 by Tennis

The Grade 8 team of Errol Dorfan, Ron Schweitzer, Jordan Jaffe and Marty Schwarz. Absent: Leor Bar and Zvi Schweitzer.

After the final round of the Tennis Victoria men's Winter Pennant, three Maccabi teams will play in the finals.  The first step is the Sectional Semi Finals - all matches are knockout and winning the Pennant requires winning four or five finals as a team.

Both Grade 7 Maccabi teams finished in the top four and they will be joined in finals action by Ron Schweitzer's Grade 8 team.

"We are very proud to have so many teams representing the club in the next few weeks who will hopefully claim the ultimate prize", reflected Pennant Secretary, Adam Needleman.

The Grade 7 Section 4 team of Jan Tenenberg, Steven Kleytman, Adam Needleman, Darren Seymour, Daniel Henquin and Robert Steinhardt lost their opening two matches of the season but rebounded to finish in 3rd position.  They will play away at 2nd placed Coatesville.

The other Grade 7 team, featuring Geoff Rosenberger, Damon Flicker, Marcus Frajman, Ryan Sharp, David Zulman and Ryan Behr, only lost once this season.  They finished on top of the ladder and will host Caulfield Rec on Saturday.

Meanwhile, in Grade 8, Leor Bar, Jordan Jaffe, Marty Schwarz, Errol Dorfan, Zvi Schweitzer and Ron Schweitzer had strong performances on the way to a 2nd place finish.  They will host Hampton Park.

In the Bayside Regional Tennis Association mixed competition, Mor DahanLauren Yarrow, Yael Gigi and Emma Kaye are still in contention for finals with two rounds to go.


Maccabi Tennis Club will have four of their nine teams playing in finals next week.
A tennis team is comprised of six nominated players and is only as good as the bottom two ranked players. A real team game!
Even in singles , the games won by the number four ranked player count the same as the games won by the team’s top seed. 
Two teams are in Grade 7. The Marcus Frajman captained team was dominant in their section and finished on top and have every reason to expect success having only lost one match all season. The difference between their top ranked Geoff Rosenberger and their bottom ranked Ryan Behr is insignificant, with this evenness being the secret to their success. Next week they host their final against the fourth placed team in their section.
The Adam Needleman captained team in their Grade 7 section finished third after losing the first two matches of the year. A lot of grit has been shown which will hopefully stand the team in good stead in their away final. The average age of the team is around 50 so we they know that there may not be another final in the future.
In Grade 8 the Ron Schweitzer team will finish in the top two and will host a home final next week. Their team is the perfect balance of experience with Errol Dorfan and Ron at one end of the age spectrum blending with extremely talented 15yo players in Jordan Jaffe and Marty Schwarz.
The Lauren Yarrow all female team finished bottom in the section last year which features many experienced all male teams. This season they have injected a lot more depth and been helped by some very handy male players. Yael Gigi who has been playing adult female tennis since its inception will relish the opportunity a final presents.


TENNIS VICTORIA WINTER PENNANT SECTIONAL SEMI FINALS (all matches are to be played on Saturday August 11 2018 at 12:30pm):

Grade 7 Section 3: MACCABI (1st) vs Caulfield Rec TC at Maccabi Tennis Club, 92 Bignell Road, Bentleigh East 3165.

Grade 7 Section 4: Coatesville TC (2nd) vs MACCABI (3rd) at Coatesville Tennis Club, 1 Orange Street, Bentleigh East 3165.

Grade 8 Section 1: MACCABI (2nd) vs Hampton Park (3rd) at Maccabi Tennis Club, 92 Bignell Road, Bentleigh East 3165.


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