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Club Announcement: New Court Access Arrangements

Posted: 01-Aug-2017 by Tennis



Maccabi Tennis Club have a new court access system.  Instead of keys or combination locks, an electronic fob system is now in place.  This is to ensure that we monitor and control use of our facilities and the Club have invested in a more advanced security system.

What does this mean for members?

Members can purchase a fob for a non-transferable, non-refundable fee of $50.  This permits access to the courts and each fob can only be allocated to one nominated person.

The previous method of accessing the courts, the combination lock system, is no longer in use.

The $50 fee will be waived for any current members that paid a deposit for one of the old 'B' keys and these members will receive their fob once they return the key.

If you would like to purchase a fob and to use the courts, please email Henry Muscatel at


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