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Grand Final Defeat for Two Maccabi Junior Sides

Posted: 06-Dec-2015 by Tennis

Section 13 runners-up from L to R: Jordan Galgut, Gilad Nagar, Kevin Haskin, Josh Newfield and Naveh Eckhous

Two Maccabi junior tennis teams have finished as runners-up in their respective sections.

Narrow Loss

The Section 13 team, comprised of Gilad Nagar, Jordan Galgut, Naveh Eckhous, Kevin Haskin, Jackson Jury and Josh Newfield, finished in second position and narrowly lost their Grand Final.

The section 13 team had an excellent season which saw them reach the Grand Final against Stella Maris. The teams had already played against each other on three occasions this season, with Stella Maris enjoying a 2-1 win/loss record - all had been close results.

The Grand Final began with doubles matches - Gilad Nagar partnering Jordan Galgut, while Kevin Haskin played alongside Naveh Eckhous.
Playing in their first Grand Final, the boys were nervous at the start of the day and lost both rubbers, 2-6 and 3-6.

Nine-year-old Josh Newfield played as number 4 in singles and started his match really well, racing to a 5-3 lead. There was some great tennis on show and long rallies in this match but unfortunately, Newfield lost 5-6 in a great battle.

Number two Jordan Galgut played against a big hitter and eventually prevailed 6-5 after an epic battle with fantastic effort from both players.

Naveh Eckhous played as number 3 against an opponent he beat a couple of weeks ago but lost 4-6 this time.

Gilad Nagar, the team's top player, executed his game plan with great success, attacking his opponent's second serve and moving him around to record a 6-1 win.

Ultimately, the team fell just short, losing 30 games to 26 games. It was nevertheless a great season for the team making it to the Grand Final, but more importantly, improving their tennis (this team was in section 17 two seasons ago!) and becoming good friends.

Other Results

In section 14, the Maccabi team of Natan Sharp, Joel Klooger, Reuben Zajac, Jamie Samuels and Dion Klooger, finished on top of the ladder but were defeated in the Preliminary Final by Glen Eira.

While in the Sunday Bayside junior competition, Maccabi's section 4 side finished in second position. Michael Rabinowicz, Marty Schwarz, Joshua Sharp, Jarryd Tauber, Moshe Wajsbort and Eli Paykel-Samuel. They were defeated by a strong Black Rock team, with Wajsbort being the only Maccabi player to win his match. However, this did not take away from a successful season and all players are looking forward to 2016.

Section 4 Grand Finalists L to R: Marty Schwarz, Jarryd Tauber, Moshe Wajsbort and Michael Rabinowicz. Absent: Eli Paykel-Samuel
Section 13 Grand Final: Dendy Park 4-30 def Maccabi 2-26 (Nagar/Galgut 2-6, Eckhous/Haskin 3-6, Nagar 6-1, Galgut 6-5, Eckhous 4-6, Newfield 5-6)
Section 4 Grand Final: Hampton 5-33 def Maccabi 1-21 (Rabinowicz/Schwarz 4-6, Sharp/Wajsbort 3-6, Rabinowicz 2-6, Schwarz 4-6, Sharp 2-6, Wajsbort 6-3)
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