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Young Star Kaganovitch On The Rise

Posted: 11-Sep-2015 by Tennis

Identified early on as a player with great potential, Arthur Kaganovitch is well and truly one of the most promising players to emerge in the recent history of the Maccabi Tennis Club.

In just his third season of Pennant, Kaganovitch has achieved something that most Pennant players never get to experience in their entire career - being a part of a winning team and holding the Pennant flag.

Kaganovitch (third from left) holds the Grade 3 Pennant flag after winning the Grand Final

Standout season

However, it would not do justice to his contribution to the team's success to describe Kaganovitch as a mere part of the team. Instead, playing at a very high level in Grade 3, Kaganovitch was an integral component in winning the Pennant.

Promoted to Maccabi's top team after continued improvement in the previous 12 months, Kaganovitch was a consistent performer throughout the season.

Rewarding the faith shown in him by the Club, he did not lose a singles' rubber all season in Grade 3. In fact, Kaganovitch has only lost one Pennant singles' match in three seasons, boasting a 97% winning record.

Born in the Bavarian city of Regensburg, Kaganovitch has been playing tennis since the age of 5. His passion for the sport is clear to see. Kaganovitch's prodigious talent is reinforced by his work ethic - he practises six times every week.

"I really enjoy playing tennis and can't get enough!" he said.

An accomplished, all-round player, Kaganovitch has already won three tournaments, was named Best Player in Junior Pennant and also won the Men's B Singles event at the 2014 Maccabi Tennis Club Championships.

Rise through Maccabi ranks

Over the past few seasons, many at the Club have come to admire Kaganovitch's talent at junior and Pennant level, and in particular, his glorious and aesthetically pleasing one-handed backhand. His rise has not come as a surprise to Club team managers and insiders.

Junior Tennis Coordinator Yaron Flicker, blooded Kaganovitch into Maccabi's Saturday morning junior teams several seasons ago.

"I have known Arthur since he came to the club three or four years ago and have seen him grow in tennis...and as a young man."

"His tennis was exemplary in technique, his etiquette on the court in wins and losses is first class and his willingness to help out has always been first class."

"He deserves the success he has from match play and tournament play and his ranking will surely rise. He has a talented group of young players trying to follow and join him. 

"His dedication to excellence shows it can be done...but you need to do the work. He has done [the work] and it shows."

Pennant Secretary Adam Needleman, in lauding the Grade 3 team's Pennant win, said Kaganovitch's form throughout the season was "an amazing story in itself."

Reflecting on the effect of the Pennant win, Needleman pointed to Kaganovitch's progress and influence on the Club's rising juniors.

"Arthur has blazed a path that now shows is possible to follow. Last year, Arthur was playing in Grade 8 with some success. He loves his tennis and plays six times a week. Rarely does a player move from Grade 8 to Grade 3 successfully. In fact I did not think it was possible. Arthur proved otherwise."

"There are a few juniors who have watched Arthur as they were in his junior team and they are desperately trying to emulate his efforts. The fact that juniors are not only progressing to adult tennis but doing so with so much enthusiasm bodes well for the Club."

Learning from the best

Playing alongside established, senior players such as captain Asaf Nagar and number one Assaf Drori, Kaganovitch thrived, producing a fantastic season.

"I learnt a lot throughout the season from the more experienced players, especially in doubles, which really helped me improve my game."

"The season for me personally was sublime! I didn't lose a singles match and won lots of doubles matches which is also great."

Drori said of Kaganovitch: "I played doubles with Arthur in the early rounds and he wasn't very confident then. But you can see just how much his movement has improved, he's a great listener, he's motivated and plays with confidence now."

Captain Nagar identified Kaganovitch as the leader of the next generation of Maccabi tennis stars.

"We have great young players in the Club like Arthur, Max [Needleman], Leor [Bar] and a lot more that can lead the club in the future to more success."

Kaganovitch (left) formed a successful doubles partnership with Joel Fredman during the Pennant season
Arthur Kaganovitch prepares to unleash one of his trademark single handed backhands

Future Plans

Kaganovitch, who only turns 16 in March, harbours ambitions of continuing his progression and development in tennis.

"My long term goal in tennis is going to college and finishing my education there whilst playing tennis at a high level."

One thing is for sure - with his workrate and talent, Arthur Kaganovitch will be a leading player for Maccabi - now and into the future.



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