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Successful Grand Final Weekend for Maccabi Juniors

Posted: 08-Dec-2014 by Tennis

Maccabi junior tennis teams had a successful weekend, winning three out of four Grand Finals last weekend. A fifth team was forced to forfeit their section 3 Grand Final because team members Kane MillsJake GivoniHarrison HymansCampbell HymansGabe TakacKane Nissenbaum and Zac Reichenberg were in Israel on Ulpan. This was most unfortunate having clearly been the dominant team throughout the regular season.

The section 9 girls team of Stella Fischbein, Kiria Clemans, Stacey Mendel, Nat Mendel, Jess Gunn, Nat Gunn, Shei Isaacs and Aimee Tadmore triumphed over Kings Park. The win is an encouraging sign for the Club, which is trying to grow the number of female players.

Section 9 Premiers L to R: Kiria Clemans, Stacey Mendel, Stella Fischbein, Jess Gunn, Nat Gunn. Absent: Nat Mendel, Aimee Tadmore, Shei Isaacs.

Jake Fredman, Ben Harris, Jordan Jaffe, Roi Brown and Ben Hellinger were part of the winning section 7 side which defeated Beaumaris.

Section 7 Premiers L to R: Jake Fredman, Ben Harris, Jordan Jaffe, Roi Brown. Absent: Ben Hellinger.

The section 9 boys team of Josh Duieb, Riley Brick, Jason Slomoi, Brad Waislitz, Bailey Levin and Matt Star were comfortable winners in their Grand Final against St Patricks.

Section 9 Premiers L to R: Jason Slomoi, Matt Star, Josh Duieb, Brad Waislitz, Bailey Levin, Riley Brick.

Jess Flicker, Arthur Kaganovitch, Leor Bar, Joey Pat, Damon Flicker and James Fredman fell just short against Dendy Park in their section 1 Grand Final. These players are established adult Pennant players and there is a bright future for the Club.

Section 1 runners-up: Leor Bar, James Fredman, Jess Flicker, Damon Flicker, Joey Pat and Arthur Kaganovitch

The junior competition season recommences in February.

Grand Final Results (Moorabbin Districts Junior Tennis Association)

Section 9 Maccabi 4-31 def Kings Park 2-23 (Fischbein 6-1, Clemans 6-2, N Gunn 4-6, J Gunn 3-6, Fischbein/S Mendel 6-4, Clemans/Isaacs 6-4)

Section 1 Dendy Park 4-36 def Maccabi 2-29 (J Flicker 4-6, Kaganovitch 7-6, Bar 5-7, D Flicker 6-7, J Flicker/Pat 1-6, Kaganovitch/James Fredman 6-4)

Section 7 Maccabi 4-30 def Beaumaris 2-24 (Brown 6-3, Jaffe 6-4, Jake Fredman 5-7, Harris 1-6, Brown/Fredman 6-2, Jaffe/Harris 6-2)

Section 9 Maccabi 4-30 def St Patricks 2-15 (Duieb 4-6, Brick 6-1, J Slomoi 6-1, Waislitz 6-0, Duieb/Levin 2-6, Waislitz/Star 6-1)

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