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Superteam only undefeated Team

Posted: 29-May-2011 by Tennis

Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever. Lance Armstrong

dedicated to Steven Gostin and all others who the club recognises for their efforts playing injured...1 more week then bye.
Maccabi Tennis Club win four of eight. Grade 2 and Grade 11 section 1 are finals certainties already but for me the standout this week...the GRADE 5 morale boosting big win

Grade 2 Section 2 Won 3-7-58 won 1-2-41. Paul Arber, Josh Katz, Luke Goldberg and Liam Goldberg beat the equal top team in a solid performance. I know doubles is a team game but special mention to Josh for another top effort getting Paul over the line. Asaf enjoyed the week off & did altitude training knowing that his big game is next week against Fitzroy.

Grade 4 section 3- Lost 1-5-48 lost 3-6-53. Arthur Vainbrant, Simon Goldberg, Alon Karp and Captain Courageous Steve Gostin. Oh what could have been! Result hinged on last set which was lost 6-7. Should have beaten top side but nobody was satisfied....a good sign! Must win the close ones.

Grade 5 Section 3 Won 4-0 Tim Hall, Joel Fredman, Captain Saul Muscatel and Jonathon Roseman. Did I say we won ..YES.. we crushed them! A very competitive team that has fought heroically all year without their number 1 and 2 players. Felt that they were close to winning. Proved correct because their number 1 player in Joel was added to their team at last and it made all the difference.

Grade 7 Section2 Lost 1-2-28 lost 3-7-41. David Kaplan, Luke Miller, David Wolff and Robert Steinhardt. A disappointing loss and unsporting opposition to add to the misery.

Grade 8 Section 1 Lost 0-1-22 lost 4-8-50. Naveh Dvir-Ovadia, Simon Rubinstein, Ron and Zvi Schweitzer. Adversity is bonding this group who are very close to a break through victory.

Grade 11 Section 1 Won 4-8-51 won 0-1-23. Adam Needleman, Daniel Henquin , Paul Koltun and Jacob Flasterstein. Consolidated top spot !!! Play equal top and arch rivals Monash next week ( Monash don’t know they are arch rivals but I will never forgive them for beating my football team in U19 preliminary final by 4 point only thirty years ago ).

Grade 11 Section 2 Won 2-4-41 won 2-4-39. Adam Elisha, Jamie Muscatel, Jared Joffe and Max Needleman. The three kids and a very old man ( quote from one of the boys ) won a fantastic victory. Lost last week by 2 games and rectified that this week. This team could surprise everybody and sneak into fourth place ! The star of their team Aaron Kleytman is congratulated on his BARMI performance on Saturday and will be a welcome inclusion next week.

Seniors Grade 5 Lost 0-0-13 lost 4-8-48 Paul Kovacs, Sam Strunin, Robert Schattner and Captain Clive Fredman. Played the top team who have barely lost a rubber all year. Still half a win out of the top four. Come on boys. Next week hammer them and get into the four!


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