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Maccabi Grade 2 Tennis best Maccabi team of 2011?

Posted: 22-May-2011 by Tennis

If you don’t practice you don’t deserve to win- After 25 guys turn up to practice on Thursday we performed strongly!
Maccabi Tennis Club bounce back strongly. Five of the eight teams won and one team lost by a game! Five of the teams are hoping to be in the finals with powerful performance from the top two teams.

Grade 2 Section 2 Won 4-8-49 won 0-0-21. Paul Arber, Asaf Nagar, Luke Goldberg and Liam Goldberg hammered the opposition. Running out of superlatives. Maccabi team of the year ? On top of the ladder! A wild rumour spreading is that a Goldberg boy was seen in a cross-country event in the morning in Heidelberg as playing tennis is too easy.

Grade 4 section 3- Won 3-7-53 won 13-41. Arthur Vainbrant, Alon Karp, Jarred Krowitz and Captain Steve Gostin smashed the top side in their best performance for the year without their No 1 player ! The gossip file tells me Arthur was seen test-driving a Lamborghini Gallado this week but the on-court class goes to Alon who climbed out of bed sick and won at number 2.

Grade 5 Section 3 Lost 1-2-23 lost 3-6-43 Tim Hall, Captain Saul Muscatel, Daniel Sneider and Luke Miller. Played again without their number 1 and 2 but are starting to improve with regular play. Well done to Luke who at 15 won his singles rubber. This team is getting self-belief and anticipate a competitive second half of the season. Number one player Harvey Kaplan is working hard on his groin desperate to join in the action soon!

Grade 7 Section2 Won 3-7-47 won 1-3-33. David Kaplan, Jan Tenenberg, Captain Errol Dorfan and Robert Steinhardt are consolidating a finals place. Fantastic even team effort is the key to this team. David Kaplan has to pay a higher membership next year as he is on court more than anybody else in the club. Robert barely had time to sneeze in a 6-0 6-0 win. Jan and Errol ...SOLID/RELIABLE

Grade 8 Section 1 Lost 0-2-29 lost 4-8-53. Captain Paul Silberscher, Naveh Dvir-Ovadia, Nathan Tsivlin and Zvi Schweitzer. Naveh and Nathan fought like tigers and with a bit more practice will win two rubbers for the team each week. Good effort from Paul & Zvi.

Grade 11 Section 1 Won 4-8-49 won 0-0-19. Steven Kleytman, Daniel Henquin , Paul Koltun and Miguel Donnenfeld. Consolidated second spot by smashing Donvale. Fantastic all round effort . Finished at 3pm and talked for an hour about how good the team is.

Grade 11 Section 2 Lost 2-4-43 lost 2-5-44. Adam Needleman, Aaron Kleytman, Max Needleman & Marcus Frajman. Left nothing to chance. Armed with RPG and M16s we arrived in Melton and fought hard all day and deserved to beat the second team! Home at 7.30pm as Burnley Tunnel was blocked after an accident and cars stopped for over 1.5 hours. Needlemen won 2 rubbers but more impressive were Aaron and Marcus who showed great maturity which will hold the club in good stead.

Seniors Grade 5 Won 3-6-43 won 1-2-28 Team of Paul Kovacs, Sam Strunin, Robert Schattner and Captain Clive Fredman. Slamming Sam and PK showed they are going to be tough to beat now and Clive and Robert did everything asked and then some more. A finals spot is there for the team if it wants it badly enough.


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