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Maccabi Victoria is not just a sporting organisation.

Involvement in a Maccabi club raises awareness of one’s Jewish identity and our cultural tradition. Involvement in sport also creates social connections and teaches a sense of achievement so vital for people, young and old. Clubs also transmit positive values and codes of conduct and are a unique place for young people to learn important life skills such as working cooperatively as a team member, achieving common goals and performing under pressure - all skills they have to master as adults.

Please support Maccabi Victoria with a donation to enable more children and adults to stay linked to their heritage and learn life skills.

"There is a unique Jewish Culture in Maccabi that you don’t experience in any other club. You’re playing with lifelong friends and your best mates, who add another dimension to your sport.”
Jonathan Weinstock, Cricket Club.

Contribute to an organisation that has played a part in bringing our community together, keeping it healthy and influencing its future for over 80 years. Help ensure Maccabi continues to motivate and inspire children and is able to support some through family financial difficulties. Everyone should have the same opportunity to connect with our community, build friendships, and achieve excellence in sport.

Membership fees don’t cover all the costs of delivering high quality sporting activity to our young people.

By giving your support to Maccabi Victoria, you are playing a vital role in changing lives in our community. Your donation will work hard to keep our community healthy and active and bring together young and old, to mix, make friends and strengthen our community.

Funds raised support development of high quality facilities and healthy lifestyle programs as well as supporting club costs in specialist equipment, uniform support, coaching clinics, championships and disadvantaged access programs.

Tax deductible donations

Maccabi Victoria Sports Foundation is a Prescribed Ancillary Fund able to provide tax deductible status for donations of $2 or above

You can make a donation in several ways:

All donors will be sent a receipt.

Support Maccabi Victoria and the Maccabi Victoria Sports Foundation so that our clubs and our Jewish community can survive and grow.


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