““Maccabi Victoria means a lot to me. I have been a member for nearly 60 years. Most of my friendships emanated from Maccabi, my role models. Manny Gelman, Basil Isaacs, Harry Raitman, Hans Licht & Norm Rose were leaders of this organisation and became my friends so it is only natural, and it has given me great pleasure, to donate to Maccabi Victoria whilst I am still alive, as well as to provide for a bequest after I have passed on.”
Leon Haskin, Tennis Club.

Your gift to Maccabi will have a huge impact on the lives of many thousands of children and adults over many years - more impact than most of us achieve in a lifetime.

A gift will enable Maccabi to invest in health and well-being programs for children, to encourage healthy activity through sport and, most important of all, through sport to create strong friendships and relationships which in turn build community cohesion and connection, and the base for a strong Jewish future here in Melbourne.

Your generosity will be appropriately honoured and acknowledged by our community.

To discuss the recognition you would like, both now and in the future, or to request further information, please call Jacquie Lerner on (03) 9563 5885 at any time.

Your bequest is an investment in tomorrow - our children, our grandchildren and their children. They are the future of our community.

You have the power to shape their future.

To discuss your gift and recognition, or to arrange for an independent legal advisor to speak to you about estate planning, please contact Jacquie Lerner on (03) 9563 5885 or email

Support Maccabi Victoria and the Maccabi Victoria Sports Foundation so that our clubs and our Jewish community can survive and grow.

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