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Aronson Family Scholarship Fund

Posted: 19-Feb-2020 by All Abilities

The Aronson Family Maccabi All Abilities Scholarship Fund


Michael Aronson has been an integral part of the Maccabi community for many years. From 1965 he was an intricate part of the Hakoah-Ajax-Maccabi Hockey Club, holding many committee positions over a 40 year period including Vice-President & Chairman of Selectors and playing over 750 games. Michael was appointed the Australian Team Manager for the first Maccabi Australia International Games (MAIGs) in Sydney (2006).

Michael played for Australia in the first Men’s Field Hockey competition at the 11th Maccabiah (1981), winning a bronze medal, and became Chairperson of the Australian Field Hockey Team for the 14th & 15th Maccabiah. He was appointed an Assistant Open Team Manager for the 17th Maccabiah (2005) and became the Open Team Manager for the 18th Maccabiah (2009). He has also been Assistant Manager for the Hockey Team for the 2017 Maccabiah, a similar position he has taken up for the 2021 Games.

Michael is a life member of the Hockey Club and was inducted into the Maccabi Victoria Hall of Fame. He is currently overseeing the writing of a full history of the Hockey Club.


Aronson Family Scholarship Fund

 The Aronson family have generously offered to provide funding to ensure that people in the Jewish community living with a disability are able to be a part of Maccabi. The funding and management of the scholarship fund will be under the auspices of the Maccabi Victoria Sports Foundation.

Maccabi Victoria All Abilities aims to provide Jewish people with disabilities with greater opportunities to participate in sport and recreation. We strive to have as many people as possible regularly involved in inclusive and integrated sporting and active recreational opportunities. We do this through a combination of programming, mainstream club support, community education and advocacy so that we can offer a variety of tailored and integrated playing and non-playing roles.

With the foresight and generosity of the Aronson Family, we are so pleased to be able to assist someone in the Jewish community living with a disability to participate in a mainstream Maccabi club as an athlete, coach or volunteer. The scholarship will be awarded to someone who is keen to be an active part of the Maccabi community but is facing barriers to participation.

This program is overseen by Maccabi Victoria (Sports Foundation / All Abilities Program), however nominations are accepted from individuals wanting to be involved in any Australian Maccabi clubs or National Maccabi program (such as Junior Carnival).



There will be two funding rounds per year, with applications being open in January (with the recipient being awarded in March) and June(with the recipient being awarded in August). Urgent and exceptional requests will be considered on an as-needs basis.

Funding must be used to help the individual participate in sport and recreation through a Maccabi club. Eligible items for funding^ include (but are not limited to):

For an athlete:

  • Club registration / player fees
  • Relevant travel costs
  • Covering the cost of an additional coach or support staff for the team
  • Uniform costs
  • Creating resources and communication tools to assist the athlete in integrating into a team

For a coach/volunteer:

  • Costs involved in training and certification (e.g. coaching courses)
  • Covering the cost of an additional coach or support staff to assist them in learning and undertaking the role
  • Relevant travel costs
  • Creating resources and communication tools to assist the individual in undertaking their role

Items not covered:

Certain items are not eligible for coverage, including:

  • Overseas travel
  • Gym memberships
  • Training and therapies not directly related to involvement in a Maccabi club
  • Items which are eligible to be covered by the individual’s current NDIS plan



In order to be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must:

  • Be an individual in the Jewish community who is living with a disability
  • Be a member of, or wanting to join or volunteer at a Maccabi club
  • Embrace and embody the spirit and values of Maccabi


Past recipients are eligible to apply 12 months after their last successful application, contingent on all acquittal requirements being completed.


Selection Panel

A selection panel of 3 people will be established. The panel will consist of 2 members of the Aronson family plus a representative from Maccabi Victoria as appointed by the President from time to time.



The following process will be undertaken:

  • Applicants must complete the application form and submit to Maccabi Victoria by the close date.
  • The Selection Panel will review all applications, and create a short list.
  • The Selection Panel may ask for further information, or to meet with the short listed candidates.
  • The successful nominee/s will be informed of the outcome, and will be advised of a date for a formal presentation and any conditions attached to the grant.
  • A post-scholarship review/acquittal will take place approximately 12 months after the funding is issued (or earlier on request).


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