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Posted: 19-Feb-2020 by Maccabi VIC

#justlikeyou2020 Yom HaShoah Commemoration project 2020 
Planning is underway for the 2020 Yom HaShoah commemoration project, an annual collaboration between the Jewish Holocaust Centre – Melbourne (JHC) and Maccabi Australia. 
After a successful three years, following the endorsement of Maccabi Australia numerous clubs across Maccabi VIC, NSW, WA & QLD will be invited to participate in a commemorative gesture in a manner appropriate to the relevant sport. It is our intention to consolidate the commemoration in Australia this year before taking it overseas to other Maccabi jurisdictions in the years ahead.  
Following the recent 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz and the end of WWII, and the rise in global anti-Semitism, meaningful commemorations become even more important.  
As Yom HaShoah falls on April 21st this year, the proposed weekend for clubs to commemorate is April 18/19th. Home game scheduling, club nuances and weekday matches may alter the day your club participates which all can be accommodated.  
Our aim is to provide an opportunity for a number of generations to make a meaningful gesture of remembrance, while reminding us that just like the members of Maccabi today, survivors of the Holocaust, their families and friends who perished, were also avid sportsmen and women.  
An updated 2 min video will be prepared by the JHC linking the Shoah, Maccabi and survivors love for sport. This will be distributed to you. A double-sided flyer including a blurb to be read out (where possible) and #justlikeyou on the reverse will be distributed to all clubs by the JHC.  
We would like each club participants, to hold the flyer in groups, as teams or individuals and take as many photos as possible. These will be collated and distributed through a comprehensive social media programme to raise awareness.  
Clubs will also, where possible will be distributed black tape for armbands.  
Mel Raleigh ( will be in touch with you to discuss the programme further.  

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