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Apply Now for the 2020 NextGen LEAD leadership program!

Posted: 07-Feb-2020 by Maccabi VIC

As President of Maccabi, I’m excited to tell you that in 2020 the Maccabi NextGen LEAD program will be entering its 3rd year and to date 24 young people have participated and completed the program empowering our next generation to become exceptional leaders within the Maccabi Victoria organisation by providing them with important tools, training and resources.

At Maccabi, we understand the importance of connecting with the next generation and we are looking for community minded people who have an interest in contributing to a Maccabi sporting club, Board or Committee or other exciting Maccabi events and projects.

The Maccabi NextGen LEAD leadership program involves a series of six evening workshops that run for two hours - held once a month - between April and Sept/Oct 2020.

Each session will be presented by Community or Industry influencers and has been designed specifically for Maccabi. The program aims to improve the young person’s leadership capabilities and show them how to use their influence, to positively impact people and their working environments. Examples of workshops offered in 2019 include the popular ‘Values Journey’, ‘Recognising your Individual Leadership Style’, and ‘Philanthropy, Innovation and Design Thinking’.

“Through the Maccabi NextGen LEAD program, I learned to be aware of any unconscious bias I possess. I learned how to be a more effective leader in all facets – particularly communication and leadership style" – Nic Herskope –-20 year-old Graduate of 2019 Maccabi LEAD program

If you are between 18-30 years old, are passionate about Maccabi, and are seeking leadership skills both on and off the field, then please apply for the 2020 NextGen LEAD program to develop and enhance your skills when Registrations open next Monday 16 December. 

Or if you know any young people in your club, who are passionate about Maccabi, and seeking leadership skills both on and off the field, then please encourage them to apply for the 2020 NextGen LEAD program.

For more information or to nominate, please contact Jacquie Lerner on (03) 9563 5885 or email:

Expressions of interest will be accepted until 5.00pm, 21st February 2020.

Please note that places in this exclusive program are limited to only 15 participants.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Brian Swersky, President Maccabi Victoria

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