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Maccabi Grade 7 Fall Just Short in Decider

Posted: 09-Sep-2019 by Tennis

The Grade 7 team celebrating an earlier finals win. L to R: Marty Schwarz, Steven Kleytman, Jan Tenenberg, Adam Needleman (capt), Darren Seymour and Jordan Jaffe.

The Grade 7 Maccabi tennis team narrowly lost their Grand Final on Saturday, going down 5 rubbers to 2.  The Grand Final started at 11am and finished at 830pm in a truly extrordinary day of tennis that had just about everything, including rain delays.  The team of six were down a man when captain Adam Needleman was forced to withdraw due to injury a couple of days before the match.  The team enjoyed a truly remarkable season and should be very proud of its efforts. 


Grade 7 Grand Final 11am-8.30pm ( under lights !!!!!!!!!!! )
Maccabi 2-7-87 lost to Patterson Lakes 5-11-95

Steven Kleytman 4-6 0-6
Jordan Jaffe 6-3 6-3
Marty Schwarz 6-4 6-0
Jan Tenenberg 7-6 5-7 3-6
Darren Seymour/Jordan Jaffe 6-2 6-7 4-6 and 6-7 2-6
Jan Tenenberg/Steven Kleytman 5-7 4-6 and 3-6 6-3 and stopped at 2-4 in final set at 8.30pm when we lost.

At 10.30am we were called upstairs and told by the referee that grand finals are sometimes a game of attrition and gruelling so think carefully about your lineup on the scoresheet as it can’t be changed just because a player may feel tired. How prophetic this turned out to be . This was beyond doubt the most insane tiring tennis afternoon I have ever witnessed with almost 200 games being played.
At no stage were we out of it and the jubilation and relief from the Patterson Lakes team when they finally defeated us at 8.30pm that night under lights bore testament to this. There were many twists and turns and if a couple of minor things had of gone our way we would have had the 4 rubbers we needed and would have won on sets . This was the best effort from a Maccabi tennis team I have witnessed in 2 decades as they extracted everything they had all season to often defeat better quality opposition. The grandfinal was no different and the club should be amazed at what the guys
achieved out there. The more naturally aggressive and physically stronger team narrowly prevailed because the energy sapping nature of the ten hour contest started to favour them.
The four singles took place at once and after 3 fairly one sided singles matches we were 2-1 up.Jordan Jaffe went 0-3 down but I was not concerned. Jordan had not lost all year and looked the better player by far. He won the next 6 games and easily closed out his contest.
Marty Schwarz looked to be in a tough contest with their big strong captain. At 4-4 it was hard to tell what would happen except that Marty looked fresh and the other guy looked cooked. This was in fact the case with Marty putting his foot down and steamrolling his opposition.
Marty and Jordan are 16yo and will be the backbone of this club for a long time. They can be proud of their season both being unbeatable at no 2&3. They will be moving upwards as they are continually improving. However, I hope they will always cherish the special season that they had this year with the older players.
Steven Kleytman was playing a super strong highly energetic opponent.  Steven had chances in the first set but was gradually overwhelmed . Steven had been the heroic battering ram all year at number 1 and held his own. He allowed us to use players lower down that were guaranteed weekly wins which ensured our success.
At that stage Jan Tenenberg was playing the only match still going on and everybody was watching.  He was playing a guy who was an emergency for them and had a Grade 4 pennant rating. He had won all his 6 singles matches he played conceding no more than 2 games in any set. He had also won all his doubles matches for the season including the clutch ones in the final series which are so important ( as in the other finals the contest starts with doubles ) . He was clearly head and shoulders above their no 1 and their no2 players. Jan started on fire winning the first set 7-6 and was
inches away from a totally remarkable win at 5-3 serving for the match in the second set. Then the opponent showed his class with some staggering backhand winners to get the break and some massive serves at critical moments. He had started to lift to another level. He was a grade 4 player and was showing it. He eventually got over Jan in a match that we almost stole. It would have given us a 3-1 lead leaving us with only one rubber to get ( we could not get that in the next 4 doubles though ).
The doubles started with us being upbeat and Jan Tenenberg and Steven Kleytman played an incredibly high standard match which they narrowly lost against a very strong pair. Darren Seymour and Jordan Jaffe were about to level the contest being 6-2 4-4 up when one of their opposition tore a hamstring and tried to forfeit. He was not allowed but had to play on. However, in the tiebreak on match point for us there was the most amazing 12 shot rally with their injured player falling over and with Darren also tripping and somehow managing whilst on the ground , face down, to reverse swat
a ball back over the net until we thought we had won the match. The injured player at the service line miscued a volley which hit the frame and went at 45 degrees to hit the tape near the net post and somehow dropped over onto the line. There was stunned silence everywhere. Our boys could not recover from the shock and went into their shells a little and ended up losing a close 3 setter.
We were now down 4-2( but were down only 6 sets to 8 and up on games )
At 7.30pm the referees said we were entitled to stop the contest but our boys felt that the contest was finished as Steven and Jan had just lost the first set of their second match and Jordan and Darren were playing what we felt was an unbeatable pair and were 3-3. The pressure was off and we thought the end was near. BUT as had happened all year we started to rise from the ashes. Steven and Jan won the second set quickly and Jordan and Darren were up early in their first set tiebreak.
However, it was a false dawn and the real chances we had earlier came back to bite us as Darren and Jordan lost the tiebreak and conceded the second set quickly against their very good pair who got going again.
All in all a phenomenal effort and Patterson Lakes showed the respect they had for our effort in the postmatch . Truly amazing play all year from an amazing bunch of blokes.
- Adam Needleman


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