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Maccabi Junior Futsal is Open for Registrations

Posted: 30-Jul-2019 by Maccabi VIC

Maccabi Junior Futsal (Indoor Soccer) is ready to kick off after the 2019 Football season finishes.

For the first time Maccabi Futsal can offer you a night of Futsal training and a game night, thereby increasing your ball skills throughout the summer off season.

Training will take place on Sunday nights in one hour sessions at the Orrong Romanis centre and game nights will be on Thursday at GESAC.

$350 per player for the Futsal season 2019/20 which includes:

20 training sessions at Orrong Romanis
17 games in the GESAC league.


One-hour training sessions on Sunday evenings sometime between 4-7 PM at Orrong Romanis (2 Molesworth Street Prahran, 11 minutes from Caulfield Park).

14 Training sessions in 2019: first one on Sunday September 8th, last one on Sunday December 15th (no session on Sunday September 29th – Rosh Hashana).

6 Training sessions in 2020: first one on Sunday February 2nd, last one on Sunday March 8th.

The training times depend on the age group that the player is in and will be decided once the teams are set up.


17 half-an-hour games on Thursdays evenings sometime between 4 and 8 PM at GESAC (200 East Boundary Road, Bentleigh East).

10 games in 2019: first one on Thursday October 10th, last one on Thursday December 19th (no game on Thursday November 7th – stadium not available).

7 games in 2020: first one on Thursday January 30th, last one on Thursday March 12th


U10 – girls and boys born 12/3/2010 and later
U12 – girls and boys born 12/3/2008 and later
U14 – girls and boys born 12/3/2006 and later
U16 – girls and boys born 12/3/2004 and later

To register please go to, scroll to the bottom of the page and select:

REGISTER - If the child is NOT registered for any Maccabi FC Caulfield team

RENEW - If the child is already registered for any Maccabi FC Caulfield team
Then please complete the information in the relevant fields.

For enquiries please contact Martin Jona at

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