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The 2019 Maccabi Next Gen LEAD Program is underway!

Posted: 04-Apr-2019 by Maccabi VIC


Following the success of the 2018 Maccabi Player Leadership and Future Leadership Programs, Maccabi Victoria is offering the Next Gen LEAD program in 2019 for our ‘future Maccabi Leaders’ to develop their leadership skills.  By the end of the program, we hope that they will see themselves as one of the many pieces in this fantastic organisation that will ensure its ongoing and future success.

The program, consisting of 7 workshops, will bring an array of dynamic leaders in their respective fields to present to the group, followed by engaging and interactive discussion with a panel of Maccabi ‘champions’, relating  these topics to real life everyday case-studies/situations at Maccabi.

Here is what participant Cara Davies had to say on Workshop One - Values:

Last night’s session allowed us to reflect on our values and where our priorities lie. Our values are at the end of the day what underlie all our actions and it was therefore both difficult and confronting to choose our values. Then as a group we looked at what values we want to ensure we are cohesive and effective in planning for the future.
We then heard and discussed some case studies and situations dealing with ‘conflict of values’ from a panel of highly involved Maccabi volunteers. The panel, President of Maccabi Victoria, Brian Swersky and Hall of Fame Member, Allan Preiss proved very insightful and relatable.
Overall it was an exciting and interesting session and it will be exciting to see where the program takes us !
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