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Club Grant Applications now made a whole lot easier

Posted: 14-Dec-2018 by Maccabi VIC

MacVic now has an experienced in-house grant writing resource to support MacVic and its clubs in pursuing and managing the development of funding applications on their behalf.

The offer is similar to Grant Professionals in that successful applications will attract a 15%  (success) fee payable to MacVic.  Larger and major grants will need to be negotiated on a case by case basis.

The benefits are:

Development of a centralised clubs wish list which will enable MacVic to research a range of grants with these requests in mind.


The Telstra Kids grant was the first grant we coordinated with a really quick turnaround required. We learnt about it on Thursday 22 November, it opened on Monday 26th November and closes Sunday 2 December. We were able to line up 5 Telstra employees and have been able to submit 5 grants on behalf of athletics, jnr cricket, basketball, jnr soccer and jnr hockey.

The Telstra connections have been really helpful and pleased to be able to submit these club nominations for Maccabi. It’s been a really positive experience.

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