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#maccabigirlsCAN brunch celebrates Maccabi Women in Sport

Posted: 06-Dec-2018 by Maccabi VIC

    Maccabi Women in Sport - Here are the scores!

4 - Panellists - Key community figures driving female engagement in sport
3 - Speakers - Three strong messages from three strong women
2 - Generous donations - To activate The WinS program
1 – Community - To PLAY IT FORWARD! and ‘change the game’
In 1928 - Australian Jewish women first played sport in a Maccabi Carnival. The rights and freedoms of women and girls have come a long way in the last 90 years, but in 2018, our society is still not an equal playing field.

Could sport offer the solution? Now is the time to focus on the issues that will shape a better future for our Jewish women and girls both on and off the field!

On Sunday 25th November, Maccabi Victoria hosted a brunch to celebrate Maccabi Women in Sport.More than 80 people joined us at the Caulfield Pavilion to recognise the achievements and triumphs of Maccabi female athletes, coaches, officials and administrators.

We heard from trailblazers, record breakers and ambassadors to learn, discuss and celebrate how sport can help our Jewish women and girls reach a fairer future. 

Kate Perlstein, Maccabi Victoria Board member for WinS led the proceedings with her inimitable style, gaining laughs and head nods from around the room.

Tal Karp, Change Our Game Ambassador and former Matilda spoke of her struggles and journey to break into an all-boys football club and gifted us with a very strong message – “never give up or take ‘no’ for an answer.”

Suzy Javor (Table Tennis champion, 1950’s and 60’s), a Maccabi Victoria living legend and Australia’s greatest ever professional Table Tennis champion, captivated the audience with her amazing stories and confirmed Tal’s message of ‘dedication to practicing as the only way to become the best’.

It was through the very generous Batmitzvah donation from Mischa Beaconsfield and Pippa Davis that our Women In Sport Strategic Plan was realised.

Brian Swersky, President of Maccabi Victoria presented certificates to both girls thanking them for making possible this plan which establishes a framework to ‘change the game’ for Jewish women and girls through Maccabi Victoria’s WinS program.

The Maccabi WinS program advocates for and aims to provide support and leadership to Jewish women and girls in sport, physical activity and active recreation. Through the program, we will support Jewish women of all ages to participate in their chosen roles in Maccabi both on and off the field.

As women begin to take centre stage in typically male dominated arenas, we invite all mothers, daughters, sisters, fathers and brothers in our community to join us and become a part of something special. PLAY IT FORWARD!  Start the conversation and encourage our Jewish women and girls to change the game as athletes, coaches, team managers, umpires, volunteers, supporters and Committee members.

This very special project -Maccabi WinS- has the power to change the game for future generations. 

Maccabi Victoria are proud to be pioneering this important program for all women and girls in our Jewish community.

We thank you for attending our Women in Sport Celebration Brunch.


 With Maccabi Greetings

Brian Swersky & Kate Perlstein
MV President       MV Board Member,  (WIS Portfolio)

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