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Jewish Cricket Weekend Wrap - 29/30 Oct 2011

Posted: 31-Oct-2011 by Cricket Senior

Jewish Cricket

Welcome to the first of what is hoped will be a popular and regular section on the website, providing a summary of performances of non-MACC Jewish cricketers around Australia.

Performances from the weekend - 29/30 Oct 2011:

  • Michael Klinger - 55 runs (Kensington v Adelaide, SACA West End One Day Cup 1st XI)
  • Jacob Serry - 4 catches, dnb (Prahran v Fitzroy-Doncaster, VIC Premier Cricket 2nd XI)
  • Nat Vardi - 1 run (Fitzroy-Doncaster v Prahran, VIC Premier Cricket 2nd XI)
  • Rowan Bricker - 0 runs (Prahran v Fitzroy-Donaster, VIC Premier Cricket 3rd XI)
  • Clinton Bricker - 2/27 & 3 runs (Prahran v Fitzroy-Doncaster, VIC Premier Cricket 4th XI)
  • Jordan Klotnick - 9 runs (Prahran v Fitzroy-Doncaster, VIC Premier Cricket 4th XI)
  • David Gelbart - 2 runs (Bentleigh v Spotswood, VTCA Senior Division 1st XI)
  • Troy Lamb - 2 runs (Murrumbeena v Parkdale, VTCA South Divison 1st XI)
  • Brett Rosen - 17 runs (Gordon v Eastern Suburbs, NSW Grade Cricket 3rd XI)
  • David Grinberg - 3 runs (Brighton District v Omega, CMCA E Grade)
  • David Wilson - 1/6 and dnb (McKinnon v Highett, VTCA South C2)

Other players who did not play over the weekend:

Know someone else playing?

If there is a Jewish cricketer playing anywhere in Australia (or overseas) that is not listed here and you would like to see them featured in this weekly wrap, please email Paul Fink on


Read 'A history of Jewish first-class cricketers' by historian Melvyn Barnett, an article detailing Jewish cricketers over the years who have played Test and first-class cricket.

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