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2017 Maccabi Victoria Annual Appeal a Great Success

Posted: 08-Jun-2017 by Maccabi VIC


Maccabi Victoria and the Maccabi Victoria Sports Foundation is thrilled at the outcome of its 2017 Annual Appeal, raising a total of nearly $400,000. Utilising the innovative ‘Charidy’ donor matching platform, the 24 Hour campaign was a catalyst to bring the whole Maccabi Victoria organisation together in a show of unity across 23 different sports.Leading by example was the AJAX Footy Club, under the leadership of Club President Ronnie Lewis and Coach Mark Williams, scheduled an early finish to training, and set up a ‘mini’ call centre at the Mandie Pavilion. With around 100 players at various times making calls, the club’s spirit really shone through, eventually pulling in a record amount of donors for one individual club.  Other clubs sent their volunteers into our main call centre to support the Appeal. 

The President of Maccabi Victoria Brian Swersky was overwhelmed by the level of support, and was thrilled at the number of Maccabi personnel turning up as volunteers to make calls. “This truly demonstrates the connections that Maccabi has, both within our organisation and clubs, but particularly right across the community. Getting nearly 800 different donors was a huge achievement, and reinforces the importance of the role Jewish sport plays in so many peoples lives.   I am so proud of everyone’s magnificent efforts over the 24 hour Appeal period.”

We are incredibly appreciative of our communal donor support, which will now enable us now to fast track our award-winning All Abilities Program (especially our new focus on school-age children with a disability); our Pathways and Coaching Programs (particularly to support a strengthened coaching structure throughout our largest clubs), broaden our fee relief to needy families (especially in regards to the January 2018 Junior Carnival), and expand our capacity to support club leadership, development and equipment purchase.  Some funds were also specifically targeted for this year’s Maccabiah Games coming up in six weeks’ time.

Maccabi is going through a time of significant growth and development and these funds will be of particular importance in helping the organisation become more professional in all aspects. In simple terms, we are wanting to attract more Jewish children into a Maccabi club; give them a better sporting  and social experience while they participate in our club activities; and create paths for all of our players to remain within the Maccabi framework for longer, whatever their ability or level of sporting capability. This represents a huge challenge for us, one that will now be immensely aided by the influx of communal funds.

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