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Jacka's Preseason Update and Movie Night fundraiser

Posted: 14-Mar-2017 by Maccabi VIC

The club has nearly completed an arduous pre-season campaign and a very successful training camp and now prepare for the practice matches. The practice matches and the opening round are as follows:.

Sunday 19th March Practice Match v Wandin @ Beaconsfield (details TBA)
Saturday 25th March Practice Match v Caulfield Grammarians @ Nar Nar Goon (details TBA)
Saturday 1st April Practice Match v Old Mentonians @ Mentone Grammar Playing Fields
Saturday 8th April VAFA Opening Round v Monash Blues @ Monash

For your information there are 4 byes during the season.

15th April Easter
10th June Queen’s Birthday
8th July
5th August

View live scores on Team App

As previously advised we are changing our system of communicating from Club Data to Team App. Many of you have added Team App to your phone, however some have mentioned that they are unable to access Team App but still wish to receive information by email. We will of course honour your request but advise that you will of course not be able to view live scores.

If you haven’t added Team App, please do so ASAP as we do not wish to have both systems operating.

Please contact Peter Kagan by email with any queries


Jackettes are pumped for season 2017. Bring it on!  

AJAX FC Movie Night

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