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Stand-Out Performance for Andrew Maver in the Rottnest Channel Swim.

Posted: 02-Mar-2017 by Maccabi VIC

Andrew Maver in the Rottnest Channel Swim.

Open Water Race Reports

This last weekend was a big weekend for open water swimming, with Maccabi swimmers taking part in three events.

First and foremost was Andrew Maver’s stand-out performance in the Rottnest Channel Swim.

Andrew took on this iconic 20km swim from Cottesloe Beach in Perth to Rottnest island as a solo swimmer. Conditions this year were good excepting that swimmers had to contend with an unfavourable tide. But having turned his mind to doing the swim, Andrew absolutely smashed it – in a time of 6 hours 4 minutes, coming 13th out of 167 swimmers in his category. Finishing this event is a great achievement. Coming in the top 10% of swimmers is just phenomenal! You’re a hero Andrew, and from the chatter I’m currently hearing it looks like your swim has inspired a few others to have a crack at Rottnest next year!

Back in Melbourne, four of us took part in the Cerberus Swim Classic at Half Moon Bay on Saturday: Roelof Vogel swam in the 1.2km event and Jamie Zaidenberg, Felicia Schmaman and Clive Aaron did the 2.5km swim. With a fresh southerly blowing, we were swept along the outward leg of the swim and then had a bit of a challenge coming home. But in other respects conditions were perfect, with excellent visibility in the water. Star of this event was Jamie who did a very impressive time and came third in his category.

Roelof  Vogel then went on to do the Jalna Big Bay Swim on Sunday. This is a 3.2km swim across the bay from Port Melbourne to Williamstown, Roelof set himself a goal of one hour and finished in 58 minutes, an excellent effort!

Upcoming Events

Below are details of the main upcoming events over the next month.

Click here for a full schedule of events 

St Kilda Mile

St Kilda Beach

Sat 18 March 2017

3.8km, 1.6km, 800m

Click link to register

Bonbeach LSC Open Water Swim


Sun 19 March 2017

2.5km, 1.2km, 600m

Click link to register

The Bonbeach swim will be the final event of the season, at which point we will announce the winners of this year’s Series.


article by Clive Aaron

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