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Posted: 01-Feb-2017 by Maccabi VIC

Hi Everyone

Happy New Year.  Great to be back.

Well hasn’t there been some brilliant sporting events over the Summer with the cricket, tennis, and basketball all providing great entertainment and learning whether live or on TV.

With each of these events, it is important to reflect on what we can take into our own sporting endeavours.  The outstanding persistence under pressure and adversity that both men and women tennis players displayed was a shining example to us all. Believing in yourself and your preparation are great building blocks for success in sport.  Continue to look for opportunities to learn and develop your sporting knowledge by tracking the performances of the best players in the world.

Over the first few weeks of the new year, we have successfully conducted Coaching workshops for both Basketball and Netball.  It was great to see the enthusiasm and passion of the coaches who attended as they will improve the delivery and messages that all their players  receive.

For any current Maccabi coaches interested, on Monday 20 February  I will be conducting  a Coaching Workshop for the AJAX Football Club at Gary Smorgon Oval, Albert Park.  This will be both a theoretical and practical workshop where all of the current AJAX Senior and Junior Coaches will attend.

We also intend to run a future workshop for Soccer – stay tuned for details. 

It is important for everyone to understand that these workshops are part of the Henry Jolson Pathways Programme where we strive to offer everyone the opportunity  to reach their full potential – Better Coaching produces better results.  We commend the coaches who have attended so far and look forward to helping other interested coaches.

While I am on coaching, there is a definite need to recruit more interested potential coaches into our clubs.  Parents, friends, and players who are interested but not confident in their coaching ability, please contact me as we would love to help you along this journey.  Interested, enthusiastic  willing to learn people make the best coaches - Dont concern yourself that you may not feel ready . 

Maccabi sporting teams need you - Your kids need you. 

Don’t sit on the sidelines and complain – do something about it. We are here to help you !

Finally, it has been brought to my attention that nominations for the 2016 Maccabi Sports Awards have been very slow.  Recognition of feedback is a vital tool in keeping players connected and striving for further success.  If you believe someone you know deserves to be nominated, please do not hesitate to nominate them before the deadline of 14 February.


Look forward to talking to you soon. “ Train Hard & always watch the Ball “

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