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Posted: 29-Nov-2016 by Maccabi VIC

Many people may not know the structure of our organisation so I thought a simple outline would be of value.

Maccabi Australia

Maccabi Australia (MAI) was established in 1957 as a roof body for the States. Its current President is Barry Smorgon OAM and the Executive Director is Ellana Aarons. MAI takes the lead in all National and International events. These include Carnivals, Maccabiah, the Jewish Community Centre (JCC) Games, Pan American Games and the European Games. MAI is part of Maccabi World Union (MWU) which represents some 450,000 members in over 60 countries.

MAI was developed to enable the organisation to leverage the national capability and to unify the organisation under one banner. The MAI board exists to serve the imperatives of the States and assist them to deliver value and meaning to the Clubs.

MAI has established National Committees in each of the following areas:

1.  Sport including Pathways

2.  Marketing incorporating Website, social media and branding

3.  Leadership

4.   All Abilities

5.  Fundraising

6.  Member Protection Policy (MPP)

These six areas cover the key shared strategic imperatives of the Maccabi State bodies and Maccabi Australia on behalf of the members and clubs.

The State bodies are responsible for engaging with the clubs to assist with the development of programs and events. The State offices also play a significant role supporting the clubs with administration, governance and membership matters. Each of Victoria, NSW, WA and Qld have a state body.


Each Club has its own Constitution and is responsible for the operational management of the club and the competitions, events and training that its members engage in.

The Board Of Governors

The Board of Governors (BOG) was reconvened during 2014 and is Chaired by Tom Goldman OAM. Its roles are national in focus and include:

a.  Mentoring and coaching of portfolio leaders where appropriate

b.  Passing of IP and History

c.  General counsel

d.  MAI Awards

e.  Community advocacy

f.  Possibly also to act as liaison with affiliates like ECAJ, JCCV etc.

Maccabi Victoria Sports Foundation

This Foundation is chaired by Ian Davis and the President is Russell Jaffe. The Foundation was established in 2003 as the body entrusted to secure a strong financial basis to meet the infrastructure and program requirements of our community.

The Foundation is able to provide Tax Deductible status for donations. The Foundation has been integral in getting the Henry Jolson Pathways program up and running. It was also responsible for the Leon Haskin Tennis Facility.


So you can see our organisation has extensive reach and wide ranging roles both in local National and International Sport. The people involved are of high calibre and give hours and hours of their time for which we thank them.

Maccabi Victoria

At Maccabi Victoria we have 23 affiliated Clubs

All Abilities Group

Maccabi Athletic Club

Maccabi Victoria Basketball Club

Maccabi AJAX Cricket Club (Juniors)

Maccabi AJAX Cricket Club (Seniors)

Maccabi Cycling Club

AJAX Junior Football Club

AJAX Amateur Football Club

Maccabi Victoria Golf Club

Maccabi Hockey Club

Maccabi AJAX Lawn Bowls Club

Maccabi AJAX Netball Club

Maccabi AJAX Netball Club

AJAX Ski Club

Victoria Maccabi Snooker Club

North Caulfield Maccabi Junior Football Club

North Caulfield Football Club

Maccabi Squash Club

Maccabi AJAX Swimming Club

Maccabi Table Tennis Club

Maccabi Victoria Tenpin Bowling Club

Maccabi Tennis Club

Maccabi Toastmasters Club

AJAX Maccabi Waterpolo Club

For information on any of these clubs and anything and everything about Maccabi, please go to  (Maccabi Victoria Website) or (Maccabi Australia website). 

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