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Posted: 03-Nov-2016 by Maccabi VIC

Where has the year gone?  We are fast approaching Summer and with that comes the commencement of our Summer Sports Season and pre season preparations for our Winter Sports Clubs – it never ends for our dedicated 600+ band of Maccabi Volunteers, who give tireless hours of their time to run our 23 Clubs for the enjoyment and benefit of our Club Members.

Often this task is taken for granted and unfortunately some people simply do not appreciate the massive logistics involved. It disturbs me when I receive communication from abusive parents who struggle to understand why club training schedules cannot be changed to meet the individual needs of their child or family.

There are numerous considerations that need to be taken into account. Firstly all clubs have a limited window within which training can be held. Then the availability of venues must be taken into account. Coaches need to be available. Many coaches work or study and often also need to attend their own training sessions. The ages and team numbers are also relevant. Sometimes it is just not possible to move training to suit the fact that a child wants to play numerous sports and also engage in other after school activities.

I ask that you bear this in mind when talking to our Team Managers or Club Executive. They are all doing their very best to accommodate the many permutations and combinations needed to please. Unfortunately sometimes it is simply not possible to satisfy everyone.

Clearly we want to encourage our children to participate in as many sports as they can. I know that our clubs try their very best to assist. They don’t do it for a ‘thank you’ but equally they don’t deserve to be abused. Rather than complain  I ask that parents get involved. Offer your help even if it is in some small way. Both you and your children will benefit, I can assure you.

With Maccabi Greetings 

Brian Swersky

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