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Posted: 19-Oct-2016 by Maccabi VIC

I have been President of Maccabi Victoria for about 2 months and what a whirlwind it has been.

My first task was to host the Hall of Fame function and there could be no better insight into this marvelous and important organisation that I am honored to lead. The Hall of Fame gave me an understanding of the important part Maccabi has played in the history of Jews in Melbourne going back over 90 years.

I was privileged to meet previous recipients of Hall of Fame honor and was taken by the genuine pride they feel at the award bestowed upon them. The unpaid and tireless work of many people, at every level of our organisation, made the event a huge success.

A complete review of the Hall of Fame charter is now being undertaken. These reviews, ably lead by Peter Cohen and David Grace QC, will ensure that our processes remain transparent and retain integrity such that in 5 years time a new Committee may once again consider the difficult task of choosing worthy recipients.

The day to day issues faced by our clubs are many and varied. Challenges continue to arise and together I believe we have the resources and people to solve them.

Member Protection Policies continue to be developed and online training programs are being purpose built to ensure that our clubs can meet their legal obligations in this space. There are major changes to the law on 1 January 2017 that will impact clubs in this arena and particularly in the area of Child Protection. We will act to protect our children as a priority.

Parents behaving badly continues to be a major issue in many clubs. We are developing tools to help clubs deal with this difficult and disturbing trend. It needs a cultural shift in our organisation to effect change in this area. We cannot do this from the Board table. This change needs to come from peer pressure at the boundary line. We all need to “call out” bad behaviour and set an example to our children and to other clubs.

The other big news is the signing of AFL premiership coach Mark Williams as Director of Coaching for Victoria and coach of the AJAX senior football team. This amazing opportunity came about through close collaboration of AJAX, MacVic, MacVic Foundation, Helen Synman Coaching fund and the Henry Jolson Pathways program.

Mark has already started pre season preparation with the football club and will soon be heading out to clubs to work out the best approach to lift standards across all sports.

When you meet Mark you cannot help but being impressed with his knowledge and enthusiasm for the task ahead. His role as a mentor in sport is as highly respected as his personal on field success. This is a huge coup for MacVic and our challenge is to maximize the opportunity we have available.

Junior Carnival will be held in Perth this year and numbers are limited and filing quickly. The Perth community is small and close-knit. A wonderful experience is in store for all participating. Melbourne once again plays host to Carnival in 2018 and we will shortly be looking to establish a working committee. Please contact Jacquie at the office if you want to get involved in what will be the best ever Junior Carnival! “

Interesting and exciting times ahead.


Brian Swersky 

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