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Congratulations to our Wonderful Volunteers and Sport Stars

Posted: 21-May-2015 by Maccabi VIC

Maccabi Volunteer Award Winners 


Maccabi Victoria honoured its valued volunteers and the best Jewish sport stars in the state last Sunday night, 17 May at the Maccabi Victoria Volunteer Thank You/Recognition Awards and Sports Awards Cocktail Reception – held during National Volunteer Week.

President of Maccabi Victoria and MC for the Night, Joe Dorfman welcomed everyone and thanked and congratulated all Maccabi volunteers, the lifeblood of our organisation for the important and invaluable work that they do for Maccabi.

Joe also spoke about some of the important projects being implemented at Maccabi over the past year and into the future, including Maccabi’s Member Protection Policy (MPP), Pathways Project, the All Abilities Programme and the Maccabi 90th Anniversary Celebrations.

David Southwick MP, State Member for Caulfield addressed the capacity crowd and assisted with presenting awards.

Ben Rychter from the All Abilities Group, gave a warm and moving speech on what volunteering for Maccabi means to him. Ben has been helping out in a variety of capacities including the Maccabi Office.  A highlight for him and for Maccabi was his role as a Youth Leader at the 33rd Maccabi Junior carnival held in Melbourne last Summer.  He has been a wonderful resource as well as learning new skills for himself. He loves playing sport with Maccabi and volunteering is another way that he can connect to our organisation and the community. 

Yvette Shaw, long time volunteer of Maccabi Victoria, spoke of what volunteering for Maccabi means to her.  Yvette has been a past Maccabi Victoria Board member, attended numerous Maccabiahs and other international events in a management capacity as well as Senior and Junior Carnivals.  Yvette is now heading up the big Maccabi Reunion to be held on 11 October as part of the Maccabi 90th Anniversary Celebrations and is keen to hear from anyone interested in helping her out with this event.

Maccabi Victoria Club Presidents were then presented with awards for their outstanding contribution to their Clubs and Maccabi Victoria over the past year. And each Club President then announced their Club Volunteer of the Year for outstanding contributions to their club.

The 2014 Maccabi Victoria Sports Awards were also presented, followed by the Maccabi Australia 2014 Sports Awards.

Athletics sensation, Jemima Montag won the award for Outstanding Maccabi Junior Sportswoman of the Year and swimming star Jordan Hazan followed up his success of last year by being named the winner of the Outstanding Maccabi Junior Sportsman of the Year award of the second time.

Gun swimming star Benno Negri won the Outstanding Jewish Junior Sportsman of the Year award, after producing superb performances on the national stage.

The award for Outstanding Jewish Junior Sportswoman was won by Alexandra Kiroi who excelled in her Rhythmic Gymnastics competitions throughout 2014.

Marni Burger, who has recently announced her retirement from Swimming, maintained the strong representation of excellent swimmers when she took out the award for Outstanding Maccabi Sportswoman of the Year.

Veteran Hockey ace Michael Balint took out the outstanding Jewish Masters Sportsman of the Year.  Michael was selected and played for Australia in the Inaugural Vintage Grand Masters (over 75) Hockey World Cup at the Hague, Netherlands in June 2014 where they won the World Cup undefeated.

Rising Star, Marc Fridman who at 13 years of age is already making an incredible impact in cue sports, was honoured with the President’s Award for his achievements. 

Leon Jacobs, Life Member and current President of the Maccabi AJAX Cricket Club won the Lenny Bogatin Award for Outstanding Services to Maccabi Victoria and Jewish Sport.

Maccabi Victoria Sports Award Winners


Mazal Tov to each of the following recipients. 

Maccabi Victoria 2014 Club Volunteer Awards

These awards recognises significant contribution through volunteer involvement in a club.

Maccabi Victoria All Abilities Group                                                Ben Rychter

Maccabi Athletic Club                                                                         Zac Ashkanasy

Maccabi Victoria Basketball Club                                                    Naomi Popper

Maccabi AJAX Cricket Club (Junior)                                               Jeff Israel

Maccabi AJAX Cricket Club (Senior)                                               Ian Ludski

AJAX Amateur Football Club                                                            Simmy Abraham

AJAX Junior Football Club                                                                Tony Beaconsfield

Maccabi Hockey Club                                                                        Robbie Gore

Maccabi AJAX Lawn Bowls Club                                                    Rochelle Hyams

Maccabi AJAX Netball Club                                                              Fay Fitt

AJAX Ski Club                                                                                      Annette Weisz

Victoria Maccabi Snooker Club                                                       Larry Eforgan

Maccabi Squash Club                                                                        Brad Fetter

Maccabi AJAX Swimming Club                                                       Michael Carp

North Caulfield Maccabi Junior Football (soccer) Club             Michelle Dubrowin

North Caulfield Maccabi Football (soccer) Club                           Andrew Rajcher

Maccabi Table Tennis Club                                                               Roman Kluger

Maccabi Tennis Club                                                                          Adam Needleman

Maccabi Ten Pin Bowling Club                                                         Kelly Gillis

Maccabi Toastmasters Club                                                             Georgia Lawson

AJAX Maccabi Water Polo Club                                                       Alon Pfau

Maccabi Victoria 2014 Sports & Achievement Awards                          

Outstanding Maccabi Junior Sportswoman of the Year

Jemima Montag – Maccabi Athletic Club

Outstanding Maccabi Junior Sportsman of the Year

Jordan Hazan – Maccabi AJAX Swimming Club

Outstanding Maccabi Sportsman of the Year

Not awarded in 2014

Outstanding Maccabi Masters Sportswoman of the Year

Not awarded in 2014

Outstanding Maccabi Masters Sportsman of the Year

Not awarded in 2014

Outstanding Jewish Junior Sportswoman of the Year

Sasha Kiroi – Gymnastics

Outstanding Jewish Junior Sportsman of the Year

Benno Negri - Swimming      

Outstanding Jewish Sportswoman of the Year

Marni Burger - Maccabi AJAX Swimming Club

Outstanding Jewish Sportsman of the Year

Not awarded in 2014

Outstanding Jewish Masters Sportswoman of the Year              

Not awarded in 2014

Outstanding Jewish Masters Sportsman of the Year

Michael Balint - Hockey                                                                                                                   

Maccabi Victoria President’s Award

Marc Fridman

The Lenny Bogatin Award for Outstanding Service to Maccabi Victoria & Jewish Sport

Leon Jacobs

Maccabi Victoria Club President’s Awards

Maccabi Victoria All Abilities Group                                            Sharon Hamilton

Maccabi Athletic Club                                                                     Len Bogatin

Maccabi Victoria Basketball Club                                                Mark Garkawe

Maccabi AJAX Cricket Club (Junior)                                           Howard Machlin

Maccabi AJAX Cricket Club (Senior)                                           Leon Jacobs

Maccabi Cycling Club                                                                     Nick Orloff

AJAX Amateur Football Club                                                        Ronnie Lewis

AJAX Junior Football Club                                                            Daniel Antman

Maccabi Victoria Golf Club                                                           Allen Garb

Maccabi Hockey Club                                                                   Darren Krawitz

Maccabi AJAX Lawn Bowls Club                                               Brian Rosenberg

Maccabi AJAX Netball Club                                                        Boaz Shiponi &                                                                                                                             Gretchen Grosdki

AJAX Ski Club                                                                                Jeremy Hearst

Victoria Maccabi Snooker Club                                                   Mal Gilbert

North Caulfield Maccabi Football (soccer) Club                     Morris Ritz    

North Caulfield Maccabi Junior Football (soccer) Club         Kevin Milstein

Maccabi Squash Club                                                                  Richard Margolis

Maccabi AJAX Swimming Club                                                Geoff Sandler

Maccabi Table Tennis Club                                                        Jack Cyngler

Maccabi Tennis Club                                                                   Henry Muscatel

Maccabi Victoria Tenpin Bowling Club                                    Tony Aarons

Maccabi Toastmasters Club                                                      Tamara Kowarsky

AJAX Maccabi Water Polo Club                                               Paul Fleiszig   

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