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'Call to Arms'-Jackas Give Back to the Community

Posted: 28-Jun-2011 by Maccabi VIC

Two players from the AJAX Football Club -Jesse Feldy and Marcus Jankie-introduced a players' Community Service initiative last year which involved registering the Club with the Cancer Council for the purpose of fund raising, and trying to increase the awareness of cancer and its early detection in men. "Call To Arms"( ) is the channel designed by the Cancer
Council to do exactly that.

On Saturday 25th June AJAX played Fitzroy Reds who are now the co-registered
Club, and every time the 2 clubs meet they use the match as a method of raising
funds and increasing awareness of cancer in men.
Both teams play in Ressies - and one wore yellow arm bands.
There were 2 collection tins carried around to the spectators for donations.
AJAX held an afternoon tea, serving cakes etc during half time of
the main game.

All proceeds were donated to the ‘Call To Arms’ Charity. The Ajax
President read out a testimonial from a male cancer sufferer-Rob Scholz ,(who
was unable to attend in person). A co-ordinator from the Call to Arms Charity, Mr Sean Davidson spoke about The Cancer Council and the importance of men checking their bodies for any possible or unusual marks. Ms. Joan Eddy, President of Fitzroy Reds then presented AJAX with their cheque
from the first game of the year.

The AJAX players held a very special "players only" function during the early evening at the club rooms to raise further funds between them for the same cause.

The total amount raised was $675 and this will be presented to the Call to Arms Charity at the Cancer Council.

AJAX football club wishes to thank Jesse and Marcus for starting, and continuing, this very worthwhile initiative and also thank all those spectators/supporters at both AJAX and Fitzroy Reds who donated generously.

Be part of the fight to help save men's lives
One in two men will be diagnosed with cancer by age 85.
It could be you.
It could be your best mate.
We want your team to join our team. All codes, all levels. Cancer doesn't
discriminate and neither do we. Nominate your team, pick a game that suits you
best and raise funds to fight cancer in men.

There's no doubt that cancer is a tough opponent - about as tough as they come
actually. But like all tough opponents, it can be beaten. It will require
teamwork, effort and dedication. And that's what ‘Call To Arms’ is all about.
One in three cancers are preventable. That's a fact. So we should all be doing
whatever it takes to stay on top of our game and take the advantage away from

"Cancer isn't a myth. Especially now I realise how common it is, and how
important it is to go to the doctor, and it can actually save your life if you
"People should get involved in ‘Call To Arms’ because it saves lives. The more
people that get involved, the more awareness will be raised and the more lives
will be saved. It's a big deal, people should jump on board."
Research, earlier diagnosis and new treatments give us all hope in the fight
against cancer.
But none of that matters if men don't take themselves to the doctor for a
regular check-up and some advice about cancer risks and preventions.

We're a team - we all have to play our part. That's what Call To Arms is all about.

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