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Cycling Club Members 'Ride In' with Roei Sadan

Posted: 28-Jun-2011 by Maccabi VIC

On Sunday 26 June, 40 Maccabi Cycling Club (MCC) members participated in a special welcoming ride.
Roei (Jinji) Sadan has spent the past 4 years riding all over the world and has cycled across every continent. He rode from Adelaide to Melbourne with his friend Orly and the MCC was out in full strength to welcome both of them. Melbourne turned on a beautiful sunny Winter’s day with the wind howling as usual.

The day began with a ride to Mordialloc. We had a great tail wind all the way down but a shocking headwind back - a usual ride really.

Roei is a unique person to accomplish such a feat. When asked where was it most difficult, he said border crossing in some Asian countries were a challenge. After all he rode from Spain to China!
He also said he liked riding mountains so he rode over the Himalayas ... doesn't everyone? Someone also asked how many tyres he went through & he said 5 sets. In fact he usually got 10,000km out of the front tyre but only 5,000 out of the rear. Just a few interesting stats from this remarkable man.
The escort was a slow casual ride around the streets of Caulfield so that everyone had an opportunity to meet & chat with Roei. A great ride was had by all.

Following the conclusion of the ride there was a Solidarity Gathering to remember Gilad Shalit, the Israeli soldier who has been held in captivity for 5 years. Roei spoke briefly about his 4 years of freedom on a bike and seeing the world in contrast to Gilad's 5 years in captivity. I guess that puts everything into a real perspective!

The next club ride is on Saturday 2nd July so come join us. Meet at corner of Ormond Esplanade and St Kilda Street (Mobil Petrol Station) at 7am sharp.

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