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We Need Volunteers to Sell and Serve food at Junior Carnival

Posted: 17-Dec-2014 by Maccabi VIC

Daniel Grunfeld, Junior Carnival Catering Portfolio is looking for volunteers!!!

He will require 2 volunteers for each event as follows:

Lunchtimes (11:30am – 2pm)

Lunchtimes (11:30am – 2pm) volunteers needed on the following dates to man the ‘snack’ stand at Pit Lane on the following dates.

Volunteers will have to be able to handle cash and work unsupervised.                           

                Wednesday 14 Dec                                                       11.30 am – 2 pm

                Thursday  15 Dec                                                           11.30 am – 2 pm

                Monday 19 Dec                                                              11.30 am – 2 pm

                Tuesday  20 Dec                                                            11.30 am – 2 pm


Sunday, 18 Jan (Community Day)

On Sunday, 18 Jan (Community Day) volunteers are required to assist with taking the packed lunches around to the various Community Day sites  10am – 11 am

Social Events    

 Each of the following Social Events will require 2 volunteers to man the ‘snack’ stand.                               

                                                Wednesday 14 Dec @ Cargo Hall     7pm – 10pm

                                                Thursday 15 Dec @ Movie Night       7pm – 9pm        

                                                Sunday 18 Dec @ Neon Run               7pm – 10 pm

                                                Monday 19 Dec @  Allumbra             7pm – 10pm


Please e-mail your name, availability, mobile number and e-mail address to info & or

Thank You

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