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Mazal Tov Russell – 2014 JCCV Community Award Recipient for Maccabi Victoria

Posted: 18-Nov-2014 by Maccabi VIC

Russell Jaffe had a long and distinguished career with Maccabi New Zealand prior to migrating to Melbourne in September 1992. Russell became involved in the Maccabi organisation soon after he arrived, running a major planning workshop for the Board and clubs in 1995 and was then asked to come on to the Maccabi Victoria Board in 1999, initiating an 11 year period on the Board, including 3 years as Vice President  and 4 years as President. During Russell’s time on the Maccabi Victoria Board, the Maccabi organisation grew exponentially, with record numbers especially at the major clubs

Russell brought a new level of professionalism to Maccabi. He played a key part in developing strategic planning at Maccabi Victoria, running numerous planning sessions and designing many Plans for future Maccabi development.

Russell maintained an extremely close link with the various Maccabi clubs, assisting them in much of their development and enhancement. On a personal level, Russell was heavily involved with the Maccabi Hockey Club, through his son’s involvement.

In 2002, Russell oversaw the first ever ‘Sports Symposium’, a major event  - and just  one example of how Russell has worked energetically to promote Maccabi’s profile and image in the community. He has also run several leadership Training Seminars for Junior Carnival Youth Leaders, and has facilitated two workshops for the Maccabi Australia Board.

Russell was instrumental in the establishment of the Maccabi Victoria Sports Foundation in 2003 which represented a significant development for the organisation – the pinnacle was the construction of the Leon Haskin Tennis Centre, establishment of a Coaching Fund and Elite Players Fund and redevelopment of the Cricket Training Nets.  He has been a Foundation Director since its inception and is now the Foundation President, taking responsibility for all administrative responsibilities. With Russell’s help, the Foundation has made a significant difference to Maccabi Victoria by improving its funding base as well as substantially increasing its standing in the community.

Russell also helped establish the Maccabi Australia Board of Governors in 2006 and served on that Board for three years.

Russell has also made an outstanding contribution to the establishment of the Maccabi Victoria Jewish Care All Abilities Group over 5 years ago – partnering with Jewish Care. This initiative has since resulted in the ever increasing inclusion of youth and young adults with disabilities in our community into sport and other recreational activities.  A highlight of this journey was the most successful Richard Bernstein tour held earlier this year, co-ordinated by Russell.

Russell has given hundreds and probably thousands of hours to the Maccabi cause over the past years - all of which is undertaken in a highly professional and caring manner.

On behalf of all at Maccabi Victoria – Mazal Tov Russell – your outstanding and untiring work for Maccabi on so many levels makes you a most worthy recipient of this award.

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