Season 1 Autumn

Registrations for MANC Seniors Season 1 (Autumn 2020) are now OPEN!

Hi All, and welcome to the start of your 2020 Netball year. Thanks to those who responded to our survey, as it helped inform some of the decisions made re: options below and moving forward.

Please read all information carefully so that you can ensure you know your options and know the expectations of each.

Registration will be SOLELY on MyNetball. 

Fees differ between Associations due to the difference in length of the season (ranging from 12 to 17 weeks) as well as different Court Fees that each Venue charges.  All fees include Maccabi Victoria Affiliation Fees and Netball Victoria Fees (VNA), both of which are only charged once per calendar year.  Whilst we would dearly love to offer a discount for multiple games, what we charge here is simply a cost recovery exercise.

MANC fees for 2020 have increased in some instances, as Associations have notified us of increases to court fees and game fees for 2020. Netball Victoria has also increased its compulsory Membership to $58 for juniors and $78 for over 18s. 

MyNetball charges credit card processing fees in addition to the MANC fees.

Registrations are open now and will close on Friday 20 December. This is due to Associations requiring us to enter teams by mid-December. Team lists will be released in the week before the start of the competition.

Please read all relevant information below – the link to MANC Registration is at the very bottom.

To register you will need:

1.      Your or your child’s MyNetball log in. As this is not our system, our admin functionality is limited – we can however reset your password if you have forgotten it or reset your account if it is locked. The easiest option is to do this via a smart phone which retains your details.

2.      The area of the court you wish to be selected for - Goals (GS/GA), Midcourt (WA/C/WD) and Defence (GD/GK).  Specific positions are not required. You need to only select ONE area, if you select TWO then you may be placed in a team to play EITHER (but not necessarily both) of those areas on the court.  Please be certain as once submitted you cannot make changes.

3.      Credit card to make payment

4.      Take note of the JUNIOR or SENIOR component of the individual products. If you are born 2003 or after (ie younger than 18 in 2020) select JUNIOR, but if you were born 20202 or earlier, select the SENIOR version of the competition you would like to register for.

Select Entry Teams:

Waverley (Jells Park) teams are select entry teams, with selections set for Monday 20 January, 2020.  You will be asked during the registration process to let us know if you are available on that date.  Should you not be available, your current team and coach feedback will be taken into account with team placements. The first three-four weeks of the season will be used to make any changes, and the committee, together with the coach reserve the right to make team changes if deemed necessary.

These teams have a game coach, with possibility of commencing trainings in 2020.

Monday Night, Waverley - Sapphires – Selection required
Season likely start date is 3 Feb, with Grand Final on 22 June, with approximately 15 rounds. Fee is $255 per player. 

Wednesday Night, Waverley – 2 possibly 3 teams – Selection required;
Season likely start date is 29 Jan, with Grand Final on 24 June, with approximately 17 rounds. Fee is $275 per player. 

Saturday Duncan McKinnon (CDNA) –– May require selection, Team has a Game Coach. 
Matches Saturday mid to late mornings; season starts 15 Feb, Grand Final 20 June, which is 12 weeks plus finals. Fee is $190 per player. Teams have a game coach.

Social Netball

Wednesday and Thursday – Orrong Romanis (PNA) – Team Placement by committee

Season likely to start week commencing 17 Feb, with Grand Finals in week commencing 22 June, with approximately 14 weeks plus finals. Fee is $275 per player. 

Whilst a social competition, commitment to these teams is still required. This competition requires a minimum of 8 games to qualify for finals, so please ensure you are able to commit on a very regular basis. If you cannot commit but would still like to be part of a team, please advise this at registration so we can take this into consideration with team numbers.

TEAM CAPTAINS - A team cannot start the season without a Team Captain.  Please volunteer for this vital (but not time consuming) role during registration.


The only way to register for more than one team is to register for ONE option and then go back in and register for any additional teams.  This will ensure that MyNetball will only charge you ONCE for the VNA.  It will show the VNA is payable but when you go to pay, it will not charge you again.  For anyone registering for more than one team, please include your bank details in the comments section and we will refund you the Maccabi fee of $22 junior and $33 senior for additional teams you register with, as this is only payable once per person per calendar year.  We will refund this within 14 days.

Please note credit card payments only.

If you are new to the club you will need to order a new dress for $80.00 via mynetball – it is one of the products available for purchase. 


For any queries relating to Senior Competitions, please contact MANC Seniors Coordinator, Ellana Aarons at Registrations will close at midnight on Friday 20 December, 2019. 

Prior to completing registration, please ensure you are familiar with the refund policy as stated on the registration form:
If a player is withdrawn after the team lists are published, the Club will not provide a refund.

If the Club is not able to place you in a team due to lack of numbers or availability, or you are not selected in the team in which you nominated, the Club will provide a refund of Club Fees.  We are not able to refund VNA fees or MyNetball processing fees.


By registering, you agree to abide by the Maccabi MPP guidelines and agree that MANC can and will act in accordance with those guidelines, including all sanctions.  The MPP Code Of Conduct can be found at:


By registering, you agree to abide by the Codes of Behaviour as set down by each Association in which MANC participates. Codes can be found on the individual association websites and relate to the behaviour of players, spectators, coaches, umpires, officials, volunteers. 

We are happy to welcome new Jewish netballers to the Club - please feel free to pass this email on to family and/or friends as appropriate, and ask them to contact us at so that we can send them the link to registration in the coming days.


Or search 'Maccabi Netball Club' on the my Netball App


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