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2019 - A Year of Celebrations for Maccabi AJAX Lawn Bowls

Posted: 03-Jun-2019 by Lawn Bowls

What A Great Year “2019”

The 50th year since the birth of Ajax Lawn Bowls (Ajax Maccabi Lawn Bowls) 


  •  We Will Be Hosting The Mid Year Bowls Carnival On The Gold Coast

Click here for more information and to print nomination form

  • “STOP PRESS”  A $100 Subsidy Will Now Be Given To All Victorians Nominating And Participating In This Special Carnival. Effectively Reducing The Cost For Participants in Half 


  •  We Celebrate The 50 Years On 24 November 2019 With A Sumptuous Lunch And A Great Speaker And Many Surprises. Put The Date In Your Diary. “Do not miss out!!!” 


  •  We Will be Hosting A Fun Social Bowling Day Against A “Non Jewish Bowls Club” With Great Prizes. 


  •  Membership of Ajax Maccabi Lawn Bowls, For This Year, Has Been Waived as Another Way of Celebrating. 


  •  A Membership Application Has To Be Completed In Order To Qualify For Selection At Carnival 2019. 

Please click here for printable Membership form 

Maccabi AJAX Lawn bowls 50 years celebration
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