Jewish Holiday clashes 2018

Jewish Holiday clashes for season 2018/9

On the following days there will be no offical training and/or games for NCMJFC

  • Sunday 20 May - Shavuot
  • Monday 21 May - late start after 6.40pm if this applies to your team
  • Sunday 22 July - Tisha Be'av - TBA
  • Sunday 9 Sept evening - erev Rosh Hashana - FFV finals start on this weekend and a requests has been put in to start games prior to 12 noon - more details TBA


  • Sunday 21 April - second day Pesach
  • Sunday 9 June - Shavuot
  • Sunday 11 August - Tisha b'Av - TBA

Chag sameach! 

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