Junior Girls U12 - U16

Girls U12 - U16 teams in 2018

The club offers teams to girls in

  • U12 Juniors (training Wednesday nights)
  • U13/14 Juniors (training Wednesday nights)
  • U15/16 Juniors (training Thursday nights)

If you require an extra training session for your daughter this can be arranged individually. Please contact our girls rep. Michelle Dubrowin for details.

For new players, we will allow you to attend the first two training sessions without registering and then you will need to register your daughter before the third training session for insurance purposes.

If you want to take up this option please email the girls co-ordinator Michelle Dubrowin to register your interest.

All girls teams train on a Wednesday except U15/16 girls and Women's team train on a Tuesday (possible second night option for U15/16 team) and Thursday. Training schedule here.

The cost for registering in a U12 or U13/14 girls team is $525 without the extra night training.

All other matters regarding trials etc are the same as the boys teams and can be viewed by clicking here.

To register for a girls team click here.

2018 Training Policy

Starting from the first training session in 2018 the club will be strictly adhering to a new training policy.

Every team that is training must have at least 2 adults in attendance, which includes the coach.

The reason being is if there are injuries to any team members , a player needs to go to the toilet or any other reason that would distract the coach from watching his team then there is another adult on hand to be responsible.

The coaches will be told that if there are not 2 adults in attendance then they can cancel training and send their team home.

Yes, it really is that important. We only have your child’s safety and security in mind and so should you too.