Igor Aleksenitser

Igor Aleksenitser, boys rep football dept

Igor migrated to Australia from the Soviet Union in 1980’s where, as a junior, he loved to play both football and volleyball. His involvement with local junior sport began after being coached football by Ernie Merrick at Yavneh College.

Igor’s coaching career began when his own children became involved in the local football scene. For the last 6 years, Igor has been involved in coaching at local football clubs, including the last 3 being at NCMJFC across sub-junior and junior age groups from 8 – 14 years old. He is a fully certified FFV Junior and Youth Coach.  He is also the father of 3 boys and a girl who have played for Maccabi JFC.

As coach Igor says – one must always exercise the major muscle groups:

  1. Legs for fitness and skill
  2. Heart for passion, dedication and resilience; and
  3. Biggest muscle of them all – Brain, for speed of thought.

Igor’s love of football transcends mere sports barracking – he sees it as an integral component of children’s cognitive development, much like music, humanities and mathematics. It is a game where players require not only skill, but speed of thought to be able to make quick decisions as to their next move, adjusting rapidly to the onrushing opponents doing the same. In the same way that music extends brain creativity, while puzzles or sciences extend brain logical thinking, football (when coached the right way) extends the brain’s ability to process vast amounts of variable information quickly and reduce it to a decisive outcome.

NCMJFC fully supports the new National Football Curriculum instituted by the FFA. With this in mind, Igor’s focus is pure player development, where individuals make their own decisions under pressure, leading to qualities they can leverage in their day to day life, such as resilience, dedication, discipline, willpower, teamwork, sportsmanship and most importantly – ability to excel under pressure.  The result is an environment where children and parents can enjoy and thrive in, leading to a game style that all, including the club, can be proud of.