Your safety at NCMJFC

Safety on and around the playing field for players and spectators is one of our main concerns, especially in these uncertain times.

To this end one of your clubs committee members, Malcolm Gendel, has taken up the role of security manager at NCMJFC.

Over the last couple of weeks you may have noticed professional security guards patrolling Caulfield Park with your safety in mind.

However being a club of over 500 members, not including parents and extended family, and having games being played 6 months of the year all over Melbourne, just having 2 security guards at Caulfield Park is not enough. We need your help and your vigilance too.

We need a Parent Security Group (PSG) for the club of which Malcolm will head and guide on a rostered timetable.

Many of you may already be part of a PSG at your school. If so, you will be invaluable and we ask you to please volunteer your services for your club and child’s safety as well.

If you are not already part of PSG and would like to make a difference, we can arrange for the Community Security Group (CSG) to conduct a 6-Hour basic awareness training program.

Ideally, we would like to have at least one PSG for each team, as we would like to have our away games protected as well.

If you can’t be part of the new PSG then we ask all parents, players, coaches, TMs, family and fans to be alert. Be aware of your surroundings at Caulfield Park. Watch out at

·         Games

·         Training nights

·         Leaving and arriving at the park

Should anything or anyone that does not fit or looks suspicious, please report it to Malcolm Gendel on 0409 532 449 and security personnel on site.   

Please try to get as much information about the person, including ethnicity, sex, height, age and build and any other distinguishing features, or vehicle including rego, colour, make and model. Take a photograph if safe to do so.

To be part of the NCMJFC PSG please contact Malcolm on 0409 532 449 or

 You can be part of the PSG just for your team or for a time on the park in general, whatever you can do will help in the safety of everyone at the club.

Please contact Malcolm if you are willing to help and take up the role on the PSG.  During this time, please indicate whether you are already part of PSG at your school and have already having been trained by CSG or are willing to be part of the group.

REMEMBER we need your eyes and ears!!