Reagan Milstein Foundation

The Reagan Milstein Foundation has been created in the memory of a popular and sports-loving teenager, who died tragically after a scuba diving accident in July, 2010.

Reagan had an incredibly gentle and loving nature and was always looking for ways to help people, particularly those who were disadvantaged or underprivileged and it is with this in mind that the Reagan Milstein Foundation was born.

Our aim is to raise funds to offer financial and moral support to Australian youngsters who may not have the opportunity or financial resources to play sport or be involved in a sports club, with a special interest in Indigenous Australian youth.

Because of Reagan’s great love of football (soccer) it was decided to channel the efforts of the foundation into two particular areas: Predominantly to help in the development of indigenous footballers and also to help in the continued growth of his own football club, North Caulfield Maccabi JFC.

The Reagan Milstein Foundation has plans in the future for fundraising events and other exciting opportunities to raise money on Reagan’s behalf.

While the foundation has been created to help those in need, it is also hoped that the foundation will keep the memory of Reagan Milstein alive in the community and allow us to fulfill those expectations he placed on himself to make a difference in the lives of others.

The Reagan Milstein Foundation


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