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Michael Kan receiving the Reagan Milstein Distinction Award for 2011 from Kevin Milstein

Michael Kan, Football Department - Coaching
Of all the highly-accredited coaches that Maccabi employs perhaps the most widely experienced and qualified is Michael Kan.
An emigrant from Holland, Michael has enjoyed decades of playing and coaching football at various levels in Australia constructing an impressive resume that has seen success follow many of his sporting pursuits.
Michael started his lengthy football career playing for his local club in Amsterdam, beginning as a goalkeeper but transitioning into a running midfielder with a penchant for passing.
After arriving in Australia at 21, Michael played casually for Maccabi’s Shleppers before his son’s association with the South Melbourne Club initiated a move into elite-level coaching.
This relationship thrived until 2001 when a match between Michael’s South Melbourne and Maccabi was marked by incidents of foul play, an issue that was quickly resolved due to Michael’s rapport with Maccabi’s president of the time.
South Melbourne discovered Michael had spoken with Maccabi, alleging more to their casual relationship so in the face of baseless accusations Michael departed and moved to coach with Maccabi.
During Michael’s involvement with the club, he has overseen several remarkable initiatives including developing Maccabi’s women’s team and creating the ‘Goalkick’ program for 5 to 6 year olds.
Coaching Maccabi’s U15 A’s to a championship several years ago and enacting the summer league for elite Jewish teenagers sits among Michael’s career highlights, while time spent coaching at Melbourne’s sport institute and various private schools has contributed to his wealth of football knowledge.
A new FFV (Football Federation Victoria) system put in place this season has conjured new issues for Michael but he is adamant the club is heading in the right direction.
By maintaining Maccabi’s aim of providing opportunities for Jewish footballers of all ages and standards, by seeing the club as social but also competitive and by streamlining across the board, Michael says this measures as imperative in ensuring progress and success.
And with Michael now sitting proudly on Maccabi’s board, his influence will undoubtedly benefit the club now and in the long run.

Michael Kan was the recipient of the Reagan Milstein Distinction Award for 2011

Written by Adam Blau, NCMJFC club reporter.

At the end of 2012 Michael was appointed SSF rep in the newly created football department.