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Some age groups are trialling in November and some are not. Why?

Posted: 13-Oct-2018 by Football (Soccer) Junior

Some age groups are trialling in November and some are not. Why?

You will have seen the call out for some age groups to be attending team trials/grading this coming November but not all age groups have been called on, it’s the first time that the club has trialled teams this early before an upcoming season. This has raised some eyebrows and questions as to why. Some here are the explanations.

Womens team: due to a successful 2018 season the senior womens team have been promoted to State League 1, which is a massive achievement. However to be able to compete in SL1 the women need to have at least two squads in 2019, a first team and reserve team.

The club cannot wait until Feb next year to decide if there are enough numbers in senior womens football to go ahead with SL1 so we have set trials in Nov and called it out widely so that we can see if we can get the numbers up. If not then we have to turn down the promotion.

U15/16/17 boys: This age group of boys is going into their VCE years and there are always added pressures on them. Despite a number of successful seasons from this age group we have heard that some are not continuing into season 2019. With that in mind we have had to call for trials so that we can see what sort of numbers we will have in 2019. If the interest is not there in certain teams then we will not offer that option to boys in season 2019 but we cant wait until Feb to make that decision.

Colts Squads: you will know that the Colts are the higher development boys squads of the club and as such there is a great deal of competition to get into these squads. Therefore the club needs to set up these squads well before season 2019 so that we can know how to set up the regular Maccabi teams for next year. Any player that does not make a Colts team has a place in a regular Maccabi team as per club registrations.

As mentioned above this is the first time that trials have been called for so early at the club so it is a trial for the club too. Apart from that we are also calling in the services of outside football professionals to run aspects of the trials. It will give us a “second opinion” on player performances over the two day trial period.

All other age groups, including girl’s teams, will have their trials/grading in early 2019 once we have sorted out ground availability with the Glen Eira council.

Yes this is a new development at the club and yes we are experimenting with it somewhat. However if we find this to be helpful we will roll it out more widely in future football seasons. Please be patient with us in the meantime.