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South Caulfield Shule host Maccabi JFC

Posted: 18-Jul-2018 by Football (Soccer) Junior

South Caulfield Shule host Maccabi JFC

In honour of the 40th year anniversary of NCMJFC the South Caulfield Hebrew Congregation invited members of the club to participate in a kabbalat Shabbat service last Friday 13 July.

During his sermon Rabbi Rabin warmly welcomed members of the club to shule and congratulated the club on its 40 years of existence and work within the Jewish community.

After the service the shule put on a delicious Kiddush for all to enjoy, maybe too delicious given that all congregants had to go home for their Shabbat dinners too.

NCMJFC president Kevin Milstein spoke during the Kiddush and formally thanked the congregation for such a wonderful initiative. Milstein also acknowledged the Hakoah clubs that Maccabi JFC has its origins in.

In his words “..we stand here on the shoulders of Jewish sportspeople who been around for over 100 years.”

The event was so warm and welcoming that we all hoped it could be done again in the not too distant future. Special thanks go to chazzan Greg Hurvitz who came to us with the idea of this special gathering.