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Two out of two 'aint bad!

Posted: 25-Sep-2017 by Football (Soccer) Junior

Two out of two for Maccabi in finals football.

After 6 months of winter football it all came down to the finals round for all junior teams in Victoria and NCMJFC had two teams in the finals this year.

Both the U14 Blue boys teams and the U13 Colts B team dominated their leagues throughout the year but when it comes to that final game of the year nerves can sometimes get in the way of what should be an expected win.

In a huge coincidence both teams were scheduled to play in Thomastown at 9am on Sunday literally side by side, which made it easy for Maccabi parents to stand between the fences of both fields and watch both games almost at the same time.

There was a massive turnout of Maccabi parents and supporters on the day. All credit to them for making the effort and providing very vocal and entertaining support for their teams. They even had the ref smiling with their singing and horn blowing.

U14 Blue started their game solidly with no fuss and just kept persisting with passes and shots until they broke the deadlock with a goal at the 10 min mark. From there on the boys just flowed into the game and put another one on the board at 24 min. It was a pleasure to see how fast they were on the park and how fast they closed their opponents down when they went forward.

After half time the U14 boys just kept on doing their job but were surprised with a quick goal to their opponents Balmoral. Within 2 min the U14s replied with another goal of there own. They went on to score 2 more for the second half to run out comfortable winners at 5 – 1. Surprisingly all 5 goals were scored by members of the same family, Jarad Azoulay with 3 and Jeremy Azoulay with 2.

U13 Colts B dominated their first half but had nothing to show for it. Their opponent, Hoppers Crossing, on the other hand took advantage of a defensive lapse and scored their own goal taking the game to 1 – 0 at half time.

In the second half the Colts kept pressing and eventually brought the scores level to 1 – 1 with an own goal after a Saul Goldberg corner, however that’s how it ended at the end of full time and even after extra time. We were now down to a nerve-wracking penalty shoot out.

Both teams had their chances and missed them but an unlikely hero in Colts keeper Diesel Fried saved two penalties which crowned the U13 Colts B as champions of their league.

The sounds of Campioni! Campioni! Could be heard all over the ground from both teams.

What a day to remember for the club and all those involved in today’s monumental finals. It will be a day that none of the Maccabi players will ever forget.


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