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Junior Girls Coordinator Report

Posted: 30-Aug-2017 by Football (Soccer) Junior

Junior Girls Coordinator Report Season 2017

Each year the female side of our Club grows. We had our first ever U8/9 girls team in 2016 and this year we had two U8/9 girls teams. The future is looking bright. We also had an U10/11, two U13/14 teams, and an U15/16 girls team.

The desire to play soccer is increasing as girls talk to each other about the camaraderie within their teams. Teams were made up of girls from a variety of Jewish and non-Jewish schools.

Many of our players, at all age levels, were first time players. The experienced players were constantly encouraging the newbies.

Joining a football club can be a bit of a culture shock for parents accustomed to dropping their daughter and returning to pick them up from dancing or the like. At a Community Football Club, the organising committee are all volunteers therefore we ask parents to be involved as team managers, marshals, linesmen, coaches (sometimes), coach assistants etc. The more you put in, the more your child gets a wonderful experience and role model as you make new friendships.

Parents often remark that they love to see their girls having fun, not minding getting a bit dirty and of course, being off technology.

In U8/9, confidence, skills and fitness have improved greatly during the season. There is hardly a player that misses a match because they all love it. Parents enjoy it too! Winning isn't everything, but winning most weeks has certainly given us plenty of joy and goals for the girls. (Special mention to Meirav Fell for over 37 goals during the season. We like to reward team play and passing but this incredible effort is deserved of a mention.)

The fact we have 20 girls in this age group and growing is a testament to the investment that the club is making at this level.

The U10/11 girls had a season of growth and development under the patient and watchful eye of their coach. The size of this team grew as the weeks progressed, with more girls asking to join in.

The growing number of players and an increasing number of parents accompanying the girls during the matches was significant and important for all.

80% of the girls had no previous experience with soccer, yet they worked on their skills and supported each other. Coach Thiago said “I tried to pass on to them this spirit of seeking victories without disrespecting adversaries and creating a cheerful and familiar spirit in a football group.”

We amalgamated U12 with U13/14 girls this year to create two teams at U13/14 level.

The girls' constant development, team spirit and fun was a promising sign for the future.

Our U15/16 girls team had several first time players that really rose to the occasion. The girls have shown exceptional skill and dedication to their team and a great team spirit.

Special thanks to a few U13/14 girls that played 2 games each week by assisting us at a later time slot – Teagan, Tahni, Aviva and Olivia.

We will be extending our soccer season this year as more girls are expressing this desire and taking on soccer as their primary sport.

The 2017 season could not have happened with out the help of the following people…..

Kevin Milstein, Michael Kan, Michael Sion, Estelle Judah, Daniel Sischy, Henry Zelman, Thiago Fontes, Sean Mitchell, Kathee & Tony Gunn, Mark Byrne, Vlad Merkin, John Wayne, David Irons, Sarah Rushford, Tammy Taylor, Nay Engelander, Melissa Owide and Jonathan Epstein.

We are very grateful for their time and effort.

Registration for the 2018 soccer season will open in Oct/Nov 2017. Please book early. Those of you that wait until the last minute make it very difficult for us to confirm teams.

Please go to to sign up in time 

Michelle Dubrowin, Junior Girls Coordinator NCMJFC

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