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An open letter about club coaches

Posted: 24-Jan-2018 by Football (Soccer) Junior

An open letter to all members about team coaches.

Without a doubt the one subject that gets the most conversation around the club is the coaches or level of coaching. So to set the record straight, for those that are not aware of the mechanisms and even for those that are, here is the way NCMJFC works with its coaches.

To start, the football community in Victoria broke up into what we call NPL (National Premier League) and community clubs 3 years ago. NPL clubs are semi-professional and work one tier under the A-League whereas community clubs, just like NCMJFC, work for their community with no aspirations of becoming semi-professional.

At the start of any season a coach has 2 choices, try and get a job with an NPL club or a community club. It doesn’t take much to work out that a young aspiring coach is always going to head to NPL for the chance of greater opportunities. Take in point a situation we had 2 years ago when a young coach with enormous potential left NCMJFC to head to an NPL club down the road.

That then leaves all the community clubs scrabbling around for other coaches to fill their ranks and the vast majority of them get their coaches from their parents list.

Again its goes back to being a community club. Clubs like NCMJFC give the best they can to their community and in turn the community gives back.

Finding the “right” coach for the right team is never easy. It’s no different to sending your child to school and hearing back that they either love their teacher or hate their teacher.

Each coach has their own methods and at NCMJFC we encourage them to take as many coaching courses as they can at the clubs expense.

Unfortunately there is no Yellow Pages or Facebook advertisement offering the services of coaches to clubs. Our football department works very hard to find coaches through many different methods: word of mouth, past players, current parents and even open advertising.

But it would help us as a club if you can help us too.

In some cases we need parents to step forward in coaching roles especially in our younger age groups of Mini Roos, U8 – U11 boys and girls.

No coaching qualification or knowledge is necessary as we will help you out with session plans and a specialised club coach coordinator (CCC) will help you and teach you what to do.

At this age level we actually don’t expect coaches to coach a lot, its more about child management, but through the latest innovative coaching sessions your players will learn through hidden learning methods, while having more fun and game time.

Free coaching courses (min. 3 hours), available to any who are interested.

We are also happy to appoint more than 1 coach per team so the load can be shared.
And by being your team’s coach it also means that parents can be more involved with your child’s sporting life.

Going forward NCMJFC is constantly on the lookout for young coaches that the club will support but it is also incumbent on the players and parents to play their part. The club is just one big team and each team member has a role to play, your part in this equation is just as important as that of the football department.

To find out how you can contribute to your child’s sporting experience and to the club contact our CCC, Michael by clicking here

Kevin Milstein

President NCMJFC